The finale of Grease on Sunday made me really really happy. Like very extremely happy. After Allie got kicked off last week I decided I wanted Laura to win, and I always wanted Max to win. Both of them won (and I still like them even if they are mean to Jenni Stukin…sorry, Jenni). What was nice is as soon as they announced the winners they showed them the screen in Times Square advertising Grease starring Laura Osnes and Max Crumm. They also brought out the other Pink Ladies and T-Birds/Burger Palace Boys (I’m assuming it’s going to be the T-Birds since this will be a hybrid of the original show and the movie). We only got to see them each for a couple seconds, but based on attribution theory, I think they did a wonderful job casting the T-Birds and Frenchie, but they need a new Jan, Rizzo, and Marty.

Dr. Girard showed us a lot of videos in AP Psych six years ago. I was randomly thinking about one on Monday night and then we wound up watching it in Psychology of Gender yesterday. And it’s not a movie, it was a special that aired on ABC once in the mid 90s.

My strange day yesterday got even stranger. I tried to leave the suite with barefeet, then later walked out of the bathroom without washing my hands (fortunately realised my mistake immediately both times). Then I put my toe sock on the wrong foot and wondered why the big toe hole was so tight when I had just had on the same pair earlier. My bowling game was awful the first four frames and then in the 5th frame I figured out what my problem was and wound up with a 116???

Apparently there is a restaurant in Mattoon that has stuffed pizza, so Elizabeth and I went to try it tonight. The crust could have been better, but the cheese and the sauce were sooo good. They didn’t have spinach as a choice though, which was weird. But mmmm.

So for some reason I can’t make calls on my cell phone. I can receive them, I just can’t make them. I was able to call Cingular and they told me to shut off my phone for 30 seconds and then call back from another phone, any phone, as long as it’s not my cell. So I shut it off and it didn’t work. The only phone I could get to was Elizabeth’s. So I called the same number and it connected me to Verizon. So I had to no choice but to call Cingular from MY phone again. So I called and oh guess what they were closed. Thanks to the tech lady for telling me they were closing in two minutes, instead of telling me to call back. Throwing my phone did not help. I still cannot make calls. And, since I can’t dial out of my room phone and my Dad had them turn of texting a long time ago, if I am dying before this gets fixed, I guess I am just going to die.

So you know your teacher is awesome when they say “this next thing I found on Wikipedia…” and my physiology teacher said that twice during her lecture today. We also learned about Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning, adding to the list of reasons I’m glad I’m Jewish.

Everytime Angelina Jolie adopts another child I think of this:


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