Jami86e (10:22:16 AM): there was a girl in the class i just came from that was sitting to the right of me (this was in a lecture hall type classroom so the desks are pretty much right on top of each other) and she had her elbow on my desk. she wasn’t left handed, she just had it there while she was writing (like holding the paper) but it was stretched out so far. i figured she would move it when i sat down, but i was wrong. so i put my elbow on the desk touching hers, thinking she would get the hint. still after a ocuple minutes she hadn’t gotten the hint. so i basically just shover her elbow off of the desk
Jami86e (10:23:06 AM): she also smelled like a brand new cabbage patch doll and that’s really weird
MiriLydia (10:23:56 AM): wow, what did she do when you shoved her elbow off the desk?
Jami86e (10:24:06 AM): nothing that i know of
Jami86e (10:24:12 AM): i didn’t look at her after i did it though
Jami86e (10:24:31 AM): she obviously wasn’t very upset, because my pen fell off of the desk later and she picked it up for me
Jami86e (10:24:40 AM): she probably realised she had it coming
MiriLydia (10:24:45 AM): haha
MiriLydia (10:24:49 AM): that’s funny
MiriLydia (10:24:59 AM): i rememeber college…i did stuff like that
Jami86e (10:25:13 AM): yeah don’t mess with me at 9am
Jami86e (10:25:26 AM): or ever. but especially at 9am
Jami86e (10:25:42 AM): i don’t want to be in class, i don’t want to be awake, and i certainly don’t want your elbow on my desk
Jami86e (10:25:45 AM): biotch
MiriLydia (10:25:49 AM): haha
MiriLydia (10:25:56 AM): those should be song lyrics
Jami86e (10:26:02 AM): haha


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