According to, San Diego is perpetually 85 degrees. Acorrding to, San Diego is presently 61 degrees and the highest it will get this week is 68. Somebody lying.

So they’re building a new strip mall in Charleston. They’re putting in either a Starbucks or Caribou Coffee (because the three coffe places we have are not ehough), another hair salon, one place has not been bought yet, and a pizza chain restaraunt. Pizza chain??? What pizza chain is there that we don’t have?? We have Papa Johns, Monicals, Dominos, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut (not to mention Pagliai’s, Boxa, Jerry’s, Chubbie’s, Connies and Thomas on campus, and all the pizza places in Mattoon). What else is there? I know it’s not a Chicago style pizza chain, because I can’t imagine anyone from Charleston paying $20 for a large pizza on a regular basis. And I know it’s not California Pizza Kitchen, because that’s not pizza. They’re also building another Walgreens. I guess they’re moving the one we have now and I’m sure that store will stay empty. Anyway, I was talking to my Dad about this, venting that they can’t give us anything we need, they have to keep giving us more and more of the same stores/restaurants and he said “Well we wouldn’t want you to want to live there.” That’s a good point. I’m wondering if that’s why I don’t really have any friends from home. If I had a lot of close friends and was close with my family it would be hard to leave. And I’m not supposed to live there. At least I hope that’s why I can’t keep friends.

So I guess, in general, people do not know where Eastern is. I always have people from home ask if I am coming home on the weekends. When i worked at Rainforest people asked me if I was still going to be working on weekends during the school year. And people from out of state think it’s near Chicago. So I made a map and marked Chicago, Mundelein, and Charleston/EIU. I also marked the surrounding states for perspective (click to enlarge).


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  1. well they do the measuring for “San Diego” (the city) at downtown which is right by the ocean. This is warmer then the rest of San Diego in the winter and colder during the other 10 months of the year. Today is was a quite enjoyable 70 degrees. But perpetual 85 degrees isn’t believable.CPK is great, but i don’t get it when i’m in the mood for pizza. i get it when i’m in the mood for mango tandoori chicken pizza or carne asada pizza etc.and doesn’t everyone from illinois say they’re near chicago? or is it just because almost everyone does live near there?

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