•An English Jew, a prominent novelist and intellectual, is informed
that he will be knighted. The queen’s protocol officials prepare him
and the other knights-to-be for the ceremony. He is informed that,
when he stands before the queen, he is to recite, “Philosophum non
facit barba. Non in solo pane vivit homo.” just before being knighted.

On the day of the ceremony, the man is very nervous and, sure enough,
when he approaches the queen, he forgets the Latin expression. As
precious seconds tick by, the only non-English words he can think of
pour out of him: “Ma nishtana halaila hazeh mikol haleilot?”

The queen, confused, turns to her protocol officer and asks, “Why is
this knight different from all other knights?”

•A Jewish man is waiting for a bus and sits down on a bench next to a blind homeless man. He feels bad for the homeless man and wants to give him some food, but it was Passover and the only food he had with him was matzah. So he hands the blind homeless man a piece of matzah. The blind homeless man feels it around in his hands to see what it is. After a few minutes he finally says, “Who wrote this crap?”


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