So Jodie Sweetin was here tonight to talk about her addiction to alcohol and drugs. I totally forgot about this, because it was so long ago, but when I was little she was my favorite actress and it was a fantasy of mine to meet her and be best friends haha. I wanted to write into MMC to meet her, but I was only in second grade. And I remember hearing about her being in that car accident and praying for her to be okay. So she did a Q & A session afterwards and I asked if she was really in a car accident, because I had heard a couple years ago that the real story was that she died, which obviously wasn’t true. Turns out there was no car accident. Anyway I did wind up getting to meet her afterwards, because I waited in line for her autograph, and got one for Kelly too, who screamed when I told her, which I figured she would. In the Q & A someone asked her to say “How Rude!” Another person asked if she still has Mr. Bear (she does). And the best question, a guy said “Did you think your Papa Johns delivery person today was cute? if so, why didn’t you tip him?” And she’s staying at the Best Western, which I don’t understand. That place is a dump. They could have at least put her in one of the nicer hotels in Mattoon. They didn’t allow pictures with her, to make things go faster, but you could take them OF her. I did not, because I can’t send them to my e-mail, but I just got a text message from Shellie a few minutes ago…and then I was able to send pictures to my e-mail…so I guess it’s back on? Shhh, don’t tell my Dad.

Here are pictures of the R2D2 Mailbox:


Anyway, after hearing her speak I have a new found desire to do my school work and go to class. Hopefully this will last.

They said they’re trying to get Dave Coulier to emcee our homecoming pep rally next year.

It’s really really really hard to keep Passover in this town, especially living in a dorm. I’ve thought about eating pasta, but I’m trying to stick it out, including following kitniyot, which I haven’t before. I didn’t eat dinner before going to see Jodie Sweetin and by the time it got out my choice was to get something from the union, which would probably be a salad. Again. Salads and matzah do not fill me up (and the salad dressing I have does not have corn syrup in it). I went to see if their hot wings are breaded, but saw they are $4.29 and I am running dangerously low on dining dollars, so I went to McDonalds to get a burger without the bun. Definitely not the same, definitely not as filling without the bun. It also looks disgusting without the bun (plus I just saw Fast Food Nation over the weekend, whcih didn’t help) and it made my hands smell. Not that I go around smelling my hands, but my nose was itching. Anyway, I’m going home this weekend so that I can eat. Haha.

I talked to Aimee yesterday and she said “Dude I can’t freaking wait to see you this weekend.” Which was really weird to me, because nobody has ever said “I can’t wait to see you” to me before. Plus we still don’t know each other that well.

It still really hasn’t hit me that I’m going to CA. However, I realised that it’s a month away now, so I need to start calling schools to set up tours. So far it’s really frustrating. They’re not being very helpful, with the exception of Holy Names, who was so helpful I could not even believe it. But I know it’s a tiny school (< 3,000 people, including grad students), so maybe they are excited when people want to go there? SDSU is especially being a pain in the butt. I can't even figure out where to send away for info so I called them and they sent me to this one page, like every other link on the web site, AND THERE IS NOWHERE TO REQUEST INFO. and CSU Bakersfield is refusing to give me a tour because they have something for elementary students (????) going on that day and they were trying to get me to come another day even though I kept saying I won't be in town any other day. Anyway, I have one more trick up my sleeve tomorrow for SDSU and CSUB that I didn't think of until after I called them (and by the time I got done with the other schools it was time to leave to see Jodie Sweetin). Oy!

So I read the other day that people with crooked teeth are better kissers than people with straight teeth. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten braces haha. I also read that your first kiss is your best kiss. Very unfortunately this is true, for me, thus far. I hope that changes, because I really don’t want to go through life knowing that my best kiss was with Brandon.

I felt really stupid watching this video because I totally would have signed that petition. Maybe I should start a Facebook group and see how many people will join. It’s like “Sign this petition to end women’s suffrage.” Haha.


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