Somebody who lives on the 9th floor of Stevenson wrote “SANJAYA SUCKS” in big letters on their window. You can see it when you walk towards Stevenson from the union. Poor Sanjaya.

Dani finally got a Facebook. She said she and Daylon both quit Rainforest awhile ago. Ahaha!

Half of the plot of The Office tonight was based on an article Michael Scott pulled off of Wikipedia.

My Dad is in charge of security at the UMJC conference this summer and he told me he’s not going to let me in.

I was thinking about onion rings. I really want some right now. I really don’t like onions, but I have been to a couple places that have the most amazing onion rings ever (especially when you dip them in barbeque sauce). One is Hackney’s. I took a picture of the geese from the last time I ate there, and now that I can send pictures from my phone, I sent it to myself (if you have never been to Hackney’s when it’s warm outside you can eat outside. They have a ton of land with a really pretty pond and there are a lot of geese that will walk right up to you. Well they put a small wall so they can’t climb over it. But people feed them. And if you walk around all their land it’s really pretty…the one in Lake Zurich anyway). See below.


The other place is Tony Roma’s. They do not have Tony Roma’s in or near Illinois, so I have not had it since elementary school, in Florida. However, I just discovered that they have Tony Roma’s in California, and I aspire to eat there next month. Their onion rings/barbeque sauce and I are in love. I also want to try Hot Dog on a Stick. I’m not a big fan of turkey dogs, but theirs are supposed to be amazing, as well as their lemonade. Mmmm I love food. Also I have not had El Famous Burrito (or any good tacos, for that matter) since winter break and I am majorly going through withdrawl.

I am going to eat some serious matzah pizza this weekend. Heck yes.


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