EDIT: They finally found a new President for EIU. His name is William Perry. Not to be confused with the former Bears player, William “The Refrigerator” Perry. I know this, because I checked to make sure. I don’t want to be anywhere near that scary, scary man who yelled at my dance teacher!

I got over my freaking out about Meningitis. I think I will be able to kiss someone again someday haha.

So I guess Chicago got snowed on pretty badly a couple days ago and the snow is headed down here on Saturday. But then it will start to warm up again. I don’t like this 30 degree weather we’ve been having.

This guy from SDSU has not gotten back to me. I e-mailed him a week ago to no avail, so I called and left a emssage for him yesterday. Unless he is like the guy from CSUB who called me 2-3 days after I left a message…at 11pm. I realise he probably assumed I was in CA, but that’s still kind of weird to receive a call at 9pm.

Portillo’s is building three new locations in CA in 2008, but they haven’t accounced where.

After a discussion with Miri yesterday I posted a bulletin on MySpace asking guys if they would rather have sex with their wife or play video games (my guess was sex, she said video games. I obviously have more faith in men…not that I would ever make my husband choose between sex and something else, because that is just mean). And just for thew halibut I asked about sex or their team in the Superbowl and they can’t record it. Only one person responded and he said sex. I was right.

Last night I had a cinnamon raisin french toast ice cream bar. It was so so good, until I got to the ice cream. They just didn’t go well together, although I’m pretty sure it was Blue Bunny brand ice cream, which would explain a lot.

Now let’s talk hot dogs. I’ve been wanting one so badly lately. Joey’s switched to Red Hot Chicago, so I can’t get them from there. I went to the union to get one, because I was desperate, but apparently they switched to pork. They handed it to me and I handed it right back to them. it was all grey and smelly. They should change the sign. It’s not a Chicago dog if there’s pork in it. The Subway in Wal Mart has Nathan’s hot dogs. My Dad told me Nathan’s are good. And I listened to him. What a fool I was. It was by far one of the worst hot dogs I have ever had in my entire life. It tasted like bologna and left a horrible after taste and every time I would burp (not that that’s often) it tasted like it. I am surprised I didn’t throw up from it. They had only one though, fortunately. So then I went to A&W and they are just not good either, although a step up from Nathan’s, but that is the last time I will be getting a hot dog from them. I refuse to try Dog N Suds, because Dr. Simons said they do horribly on their health inspection tests. So I am stuck.

The best place to get hot dogs, in my opinion, is Poochie’s in Skokie. It’s less than 10 minutes from Devar, so sometimes I think about foregoing oneg to go get a couple hot dogs, because I don’t live near there. I was looking up reviews and can’t find one single bad thing about it. In fact, hotdogchicagostyle.com gave it the best rating out of all the hot dog stands in Chicago they rated, with a 9.3 out of 10. One web site said it would be a sin to be in Chicago and not eat at Poochie’s, even if you’ve already eaten. It’s also in the Vienna Beef hall of fame. And tell me this is not the most delicious looking hot dog you have ever laid your eyes on:

Mmmm I can practically smell it! And that’s not even doctored up, it’s the real thing, baby! May 19 I will get one on the way home from services. So excited!

I don’t know what I’m going to do when I move. I basically have to go to SDSU, because San Diego has four hot dog stands with Vienna and the other four cities have none. So if I don’t get into SDSU I will be sad, because that means I have to give up my hot dogs.


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