I need my split ends cut off. ica is too busy to cut my hair. She told me I should try it myself, she has faith in me that I can do it. After thinking about what happenedwhen I tried to cut my Barbies’ hair, I decided that was a bad idea. I will live with split ends.

The guy from SDSU still has not called me back. I will call someone else on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully I can schedule a time to speak with SOMEONE now only three weeks in advance.

Godspace has Messianic Judaism listed as a denomination choice, but the web site is not user friendly in the least bit. Jami no like.

Somehow my night ended up with Melissa saying “Let’s see what else Jami can make out with” and lots of pictures being taken of me kissing random things in my suite. I doubt all of these will make it to the internet, mostly because it was so hot and I look awful because I was hot and sweaty and tired.

What Your Favorite Color Purple Says About You:

Intuitive — Seeking — Creative

Kind — Self-Sacrificing — Growth Oriented

Strong — Very Wise — Rare


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