EDIT: Somehow my internship portfolio was approved, but I’m not quite sure how this happend. One, I turned it in a week late. Two, I lost all of my Epidemiology stuff, so I didn’t have stuff to meet every area I needed an assignment in. So I just took what I had and put them in whatever place needed an assignment. And I only got Cs on some of them too. My portfolio needed to be approved by every health teacher I have had thus far, which is six. Six people let it pass.

First of all, Forbidden Broadway: SVU is coming to Chicago for a limited run. I really wanted to see this last summer, but my Dad would not have understodd anything that wasn’t about Spamalot, so I would really like to go. I have a top secret discount and can get $35 tickets for any show between May 15 and June 1, but it would have to be on a Saturday night or on a Sunday. Does anybody want to go with me?

Melissa came over the other day to take a pictur eof me making out with my hand to get back at people for posting pictures of themselves making out with other people, because I think making out with my hand is just as disturbing. Unfortunately I looked awful in those pictures and most of the other ones she took did not make it to the internet, because I decided I did not want myself to be represented like that.

I leave in 15 days and it’s gonna be a rough 15 days. For one I have only 14 dining dollars left. I just ate at Taylor and I am feeling sick like I did before. Gosh darnit. For two I have so much stuff to make up, as long as my teachers let me, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I work best under pressure.

I’m also upset because it turns out I could have gotten into Eta Sigma Gamma (honorary health major fraternity) this semester, but I have missed my chance. It was my understanding that you needed a 2.5 overall GPA to get in, which I do not have. They changed it this year to a 2.75 apparently, but it turns out you either need a 2.75 overall or a 2.75 in your major. I had a 2.8 at the end of last semester. I now have a 3.0, but that will be shot to Hell when this semester is over. The good news is I can get it up next semester and just do it my final semester (I think). Since I’m not going to grad school right away, anything I do final semester actually counts.

It looked like my Mom’s work thing in San Diego was going to get canceled, and she was saying she would cancel our trip if that happened, which is ridiculous. So I decided I wasn’t going to tell her, because I thought if she knew I had an extra year, she would definitely cancel it. She called me yesterday to tell me not only is it not canceled, but she might actually have a job offer there. It’s at a school, so I assume it would be starting in the 2008-2009 school year. As much as I don’t want to live with her, if she moves out there it would be stupid for me not to move with her. It’s not official, but we’ll see. And I did tell her I’m taking a year off, but want to move anyway, and she agreed that it is a really good idea.

The Cubs are doing really well. Even though they are not winning all of their games they are putting up a good fight during games they don’t win. However, we need to get rid of Will Ohman. He is for The Cubs what Rex Grossman is for The Bears.”He should be to be playing for The White Sox” is what my Dad says about players that suck. And I think getting rid of Maddux was a mistake.


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