Random Bandom Fandom

Sometimes I still wear my middle school band sweater when I get cold. I’m surprised something I got in 6th grade still fits me. And, yes, I know we were supposed to give them back when we graduated, but I asked Mr. Chiodo if I could keep mine and he said yes. (And then in high school he would make fun of me for wearing it). The Carl Sandburg Middle School Symphonic Band was one of the top five middle school bands in the state. They came out of nowhere when I was in 5th grade. Their first appearance in Superstate, as one of only five middle schools bands who passed the audition, and placed third. Then when I was in 6th grade they won. And as 5th and 6th graders we couldn’t wait to be part of one of the best middle school bands in the state, probably the country. We were the band that would always receive a 1+ at district. Not only were we good, we were good and we played high school and collegelevel songs. And we were good at it with around 150 members each year, which impressed everyone even more. In 7th grade we were finally part of it and we got to be the honor band at Superstate. I listen to these songs sometimes, and even though I was in it, I still can’t believe this music is coming from 7th and 8th graders. It’s incredible. This was always a favourite of mine (and yes this is a recording of us from Superstate in 1998).

John Higgins is such an amazing composer, though I have only heard three of his songs (the other two being Aquara {obviously} and Regenesis).

Anyway, the only reason we were so good is because we had an AMAZING director.


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