Dear Dr. Brent Taylor, acting director of the SDSU MFT program:

I will continue to contact you until you call me back.

This is the third time I have tried to contact this guy (over the course of three weeks). This time when I said I was coming into town I made sure to say from Chicago, instead of letting him assume I live somewhere in CA and can get to San Diego easily. I guess it doesn’t really matter now, since I have an extra year but if I’m already going to be there, it would be nice. Especially since I’m meeting with someone from the other four universities, so I can compare.

I had a really strange dream last night. I can’t even remember it all. I figured I would have a strange dream (except I thought it would be a nightmare), becaause Adam and I were talking about Return to Oz (scariest movie EVER) last night. Plus on American Idol they showed a little bit of Shrek the Third and they showed Pinocchio…the same Pinocchio who tried to rape me in my dream five years ago…except he wasn’t 6 feet tall. Anyway, the dream was, I flew to California just for Dippin Dots. They were in this store on an island, and all that was on the island was a strip mall, but I had a very clear view of California, which was across the ocean (?) except it was only about 15 feet away. I flew there on a puddle jumper, and since the island was only big enough for a strip mall with about four stores, it landed on a dock, which was just a piece of wood big enough for the plane, but it wasn’t grounded, so it could float away at any time. I went into the store for Dippin Dots but they were $9.00, so I left. Instead of flying home I decided to check out one of the places I could potentially do my internship at (apparently i had two or three choices in the dream), because it was also in the strip mall. The girl that was going to interview me was Jewish and we wound up leaving. I got on the piece of wood and somehow we both wound up in Chicago. We were near Six Flags and she saw some hot guys so she wanted to go in, but I wouldn’t because I don’t want to go near there ever ever again. She started to go in and came back, because it was a church and she didn’t want to be in a churchg, so she gave up on the guys. Then I somehow wound up hanging out with Mike Walsh and Sara! Jane…I think we were at Cuneo?? but somehow got to a TV. They don’t know each other in real life, but I think they would be pretty good friends if they did. Mike wanted to watch something on the history channel and it turned out to be something called “Travel Through Time.” It turned out not to be just a TV show but actually sucked us into some kind of weird time warp/other dimension or something. I started out with Mike being my tour guide but I didn’t like wait he was doing and somehow wound up in a pod in an ocean with S!J. Then after it was over I somehow got back to California (the across from the strip mall California) and went to eat at a hot dog stand, where I saw Mike Boyk. It turned out we had been travelling in this other dimension for eight days. I went to a computer so I could write about it on Xanga and somehow Mike Walsh had found about five YouTube videos of our experience and posted them for me. Also in the time warp I think we wound up back at MHS, briefly. Fin.

I have to go to Campus House on Sunday morning, because J4J is going to be there. Heather Blecher is doing the presentation and is staying in Urbana all weekend, so there is a 20s Shabbat dinner tomorrow night in Urbana for the few of us (actually around 12) that have very unfortunately wound up in Central Illinois. I invited a few people but nobody got back to me. I don’t know why anybody who is Messianic out here would not want to go, it’s not like there are a lot of us. The only girl who wanted to go is someone who isn’t a believer, but she’s going home this weekend. Anyway, even if there are only a few people there, it will be nice to be around others. The next time I will get to Devar is May 19. Also I never mentioned Devar finally graduated to Power Point sometime in between winter break and spring break. I was surpised they weren’t using it when I started going there. Though they haven’t figured out how to make backgrounds yet…but they know how to get the audio from the sermons up on the web site…

People who have small fingers need to use bowling balls with small finger holes and not large holes, just because it is the right weight. The last two times I have been to bowling class there was no ball for me, because my fingers do not fit in the small holes!! Fortunately both times there was someone we were bowling against who used the same weight and let me use theirs. And I bowled a 110 today.

I want everyone to know that I didn’t want Sanjaya to go home last night. I would much rather see Chris and Phil go home first…and LaKeshia.


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