Okay I know I’ve been flooding everyones’ subscription pages, but this is important! Well, most of this…

I’ve decided to change my major! To General Studies, not to a real major. Then I can take whatever the heck I want. If I keep the health major, I have to take the following classes: Into to Professional Writing, Public Health Stats and Data Analysis, Microcomputers and Health Applications, Health Services Administration…do any of those sound interesting? No! Plus most of them are writing intensive, I can’t handle that! I’m going to keep the minor. I’ll probably have to retake methods, then the only classes I have left are Health Care Delivery Systems and either International Health Issues or Human Diseases (and after the Meningitis incident last week, I think it would be best if I don’t take Human Diseases). After that I will have to take my required math, and Senior Seminar, then I can take whatever the heck I want. And if I have to retake methods, I can take an online class next summer to make up for it and I can do that in California if I’m not done with it by then! I’m still going to do the internship. This may sound like a stupid idea, but one) it gives me experience and looks great for grad school/after grad school 2) I would have to take three extra online classes this summer if I don’t do the internship and I don’t think I will be able to keep track of that. Plus that would be one extra hour and we don’t know how we’re going to pay for it as is. The downside to this is Eastern doesn’t have a lot of classes to offer. Should I take Chinese?? Haha. Oh man I feel way less stressed out now! And I know grad schools probably frown upon a general studies major, but I’ll have two minors, and I just don’t know how I can get through next year with all thsoe stupid classes that won’t help me with the rest of my life!

Between this and deciding to take a year off, I’ve managed to remove most of the stress in my life. I haven’t felt this little stressed out ever. It’s crazy. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Also, my trip is so close I can actually get a weather forecast for it!


MiriLydia (1:44:57 PM): the niv is a terrible translation
Jami86e (1:45:06 PM): your mom is a terrible translation
MiriLydia (1:46:18 PM): true that
Jami86e (1:47:20 PM): that would be funny if somebody made a your mom translation of the bible. and changed every human’s name to “your mom”
Jami86e (1:47:29 PM): “and God said to your mom…”
MiriLydia (1:47:41 PM): haha
Jami86e (1:48:21 PM): exodus 22:19 anyone who has sexual relations with your mom must be put to death
MiriLydia (1:48:39 PM): or every time somebody cries out to G-d he responds with “that’s what she said”
Jami86e (1:48:46 PM): lol
Jami86e (1:49:01 PM): that would be the michael scott version, and i believe you already read The Exodus from that translation
MiriLydia (1:49:20 PM): yeah, true, true


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