EDIT: Maybe I should stop going to Jewish events in Chambana. I am just remembering…I had to go to the emergency room after the seder I went to last year (not that the two were related). Both of these events were in the month of April. On another note, this is the third spring semester in a row that I have been really sick and missed a ton of classes, though I was sick last semester too, just not nearly as bad as I was this semester.

“Sunday is Earth Day. So suck it, Neptune!” -Amy Poehler

So my Dad had a meeting today for the UMJC conference. Apparently we’re already on the radar for Jews for Judaism and Hezbollah, so this should be interesting. Also my Dad has to stay there so he said I may as well too. But now Marni wants to go. I’m not sharing a bed with anyone and I’m not sleeping on a cot. There’s really no reason why I can’t drive 15 minutes and just sleep in my water bed. I just don’t see a point in staying there.

So I didn’t sleep that well last night either, though I got almost twice as much sleep as the night before. I thought I was feeling better and then I threw up a few times. And it was right after I brushed my teeth, wouldn’tcha know. Though I believe the two were correlated. Fortunately Elizabeth was around to hear me throw up and she asked if I needed anything, so I now have gingerale. But I still can’t eat anything and I am so freaking hungry. Gah need chicken soup.

I really do not like David Eckstein. And It’s not because he plays for the Cardinals, he just bothers me.

I don’t think I ever posted this here:


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