“The latest rumour in Hollywood is that Britney Spears is going to sing a duet with Sanjaya. And by ‘rumour’ I mean ‘terrorist threat’.” -Conan O’Brien

My trip to CA is so close, that it would be grammatically incorrect to list the numeral in the countdown, rather than spell out the actual number. Yes, nine days.

Supposedly there is like a ton of free food tomorrow in the quad from 10-2 from the local restaurants. And this weekend is Celebration, which means I’m gonna waste so much money on lemon shakeups and cheese fries. I saw the list of vendors and one of the stands has “Chicago style hot dogs.” If that’s really true, I’m in even more trouble than last year.

I’m hoping this will be my last entry for at least a few days.

EDIT: The Taste of Charleston was canceled tomorrow. No free food. Boo!


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