Month: May 2007

So, as it turns out, I have curly hair. Herbal Essences changed their shampoo a while ago and I was forced to make a decision, as they were no longer going to produce mine. I opted to switch to their new “none of your frizzness” shampoo and conditioner which are just not working out for me. Thanks to the magic of Facebook groups, I decided I should try Garnier Fructis. I decided to go all out. I bought the anti frizz shampoo, the anti frizz conditioner, the curl construct mousse, and the anti humidity hairspray. Just for the halibut. I haven’t worn my hair natural since the middle of second grade, because I got sick of being asked if I had been struck by lightning or if I had stuck my finger in an electric socket. Not that wearing it back really did anything. All throughout band in 7th grade my name was not Jami, it was “Frizzy.” Jerks. Anyway so I decided to use the mousse and hairspray and I actually like my hair curly. The only problem is there is not enough mousse in the world to keep my hair form poofing out so much when it’s down, so I will still have to put it back, at least partially. But I think my hair is going to be curly from now on. This will also mean I need to start taking showers several hours earlier than I usually do. Although I haven’t slept on this yet, so I don’t know how it will look tomorrow.

I saw Mrs Townsend today. She remembered my name.

This is going to be awesome, though they may run into some legal issues with Mae Whitman playing a deaf girl:

This is not the entry I was talking about that is coming soon. The one I was talking about will be about The Cubs, but I haven’t felt like writing it yet.

Also I found out Matt Murton is a believer so I decided we are going to date and then I find out he’s married. Man.


I saw Shrek the Third last night. Tonight I saw “Waitress.” My Dad wanted me to see it because of the title, but it really wasn’t about waiting tables. There was one actress in the film who really stuck out. Her name is Adrienne Shelly. I’d never heard of her before. She also wrote and directed it. Anyway, she was really good. Since I’d never heard of her before I figured she was up and coming and I was excited to see what else she’ll be in. Anyway, it turns out she was murdered in November and that’s really upsetting.

On a lighter note there are a couple movies I want to see this summer (I love YouTube):

I kind of like rocker Kelly Clarkson, except I can’t sing along with any of it lol.

I will have another entry coming pretty soon, but it needs to stand on its own.

So the game I went to, apparently they had wanted Jason Marquis to bunt. He claims he wasn’t getting the signs, but I think that is not true. Also it was only his third career home run and he has been in the majors for seven (?) years. Awesome! We’ve been having a rough week, mostly because the Padres have an amazing pitching staff (though some of them look like they should be playing for The Chargers) and also because I have ADD. It really seems like they only do well when I watch and pay attention. The game I went to, everytime I would space out the Sox would get a run. Anyway, Friday night I went to a Shabbat dinner that Noam was hosting so I couldn’t watch the entire game. I called my Dad on my way home to find out the score and he aid it was 3-0 Dodgers and that I need to get home soon to watch so we can win. The next time I talked to him it was 5-1 Dodgers, so I turned on the radio to see if that was any good. Anyway, it was the 7th inning when I turned it on and The Cubs wound up getting seven runs that inning. But, as I said before, I have ADD and even spacing out for a couple seconds ruins everything and we lost 8-7. I think God is trying to condition me to pay attention haha.

I saw this on the Facebook marketplace:
Picture 1

So apparently Nate is going on Birthright with Steve. Nate claims neither of them said they were Messianic, but either way. Literally every single person I know is going to Israel this summer! At least I’m not being over dramatic.

I had orientation at Red Robin today. I knew Rainforest was messed up, but man I had no idea just how messed up it was. Man. Also my manager had on a Star of David. That is always good lol. I had a burger afterwards. It was good.

My Mom grilled the other day and I opted to put Thousand Island on it instead of mustard and pickles. In n Out ruined me!! Haha.

Best piece of spam ever:
Picture 2


Yeah on a whim I decided to apply to Red Robin in Lincolnshire. They had a server talk to me and he is Jewish. ANyway we talked for a while and he went to go ask the GM when I should come back for an interview but gave the GM his stamp of approval on me, and since they trust him so much the manager just told him to tell me I’m hired! Huzzah! Anyway, apparently there are a lot of Jews that work there, including the AGM who is half Jewish, so there won’t be a problem with me taking off on Saturday mornings, and hopefully to get off for the conference in July. Also I’ve been invited to watch American Idol tomorrow night with my new co-workers. So I can either do that, or watch The Cubs game, or go to a Shavuot service. I don’t know what time the Shavuot service is and it’s not on the web site, so unless Vlad gets back to me about it, I won’t be going. Oh and this is a serving job, so I’m a little scared. And my Mom thinks I’m going to get fired after a couple weeks. Great. Oh and there’s no test I have to take like at Rainforest. And I start orientation on Sunday morning!!

Battle of the deep dish pizzas

There are three types of Chicago style pizza: thin crust, stuffed pizza (crust, cheese and toppings [usually spinach], a thin layer of crust, sauce), and deep dish, which is what you usually see on TV and in movies (amazing crust, cheese, toppings, sauce).

The three main restaurants to get deep dish pizza from are Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, and Pizzeria Uno.

•Gino’s East: Gino’s has a couple locations downtown, as well as a few in the suburbs. The ones downtown, and at least one in the suburbs, you can graffiti the walls, the tablecloth, the ceiling (if you can reach…I cannot), etc. The last time I was at one you could write on the walls I wrote “For a good time call 867-5309 ask for Jenny.” Gino’s sauce is wonderful. it’s pretty sweet and does not have huge chunks of tomatoes. I do not like tomatoes. The closest Gino’s to here is in Libertyville. I have not eaten there, but I heard it’s awful. And you can’t graffiti anything.

•Lou Malnati’s: Lou Malnati’s has a few locations downtown, and lots in the suburbs. However most of the suburban locations are carry out and delivery only. The nearest sit down location is in Buffalo Grove, but I heard it’s awful. In order to eat good pizza from a sit down Lou’s, we would have to drive out to Lincolnwood, which is about 45 minutes or so away. Lou Malnati’s crust is amazing. They have extra cheese in the crust. Their sauce has huge chunks of tomatoes in it, so I scrape them off. That’s most of the sauce, so really I am mostly eating cheese and crust when I eat theirs.

•Pizzeria Uno: Pizzeria Uno has one location downtown. It was too small so they opened one across the street called Pizzeria Due. They also have a chain called Uno’s Chicago Grille, which they have opened up across the world. I can’t remember eating at the one downtown, other than that it was good (I have not been there since I was little). The last time we ate Uno’s was at the chain. It was awful and we haven’t gone back since. I just found out last week that the chain is nothing like the one downtown. That’s very good to hear.

As of very recent, all three now have frozen pizzas available at select grocery stores. My Mom and I have, as of tonight, tried all three to compare.

•Lou Malnati’s frozen: it’s just alright. If you want it to cook thoroughly you have to let it defrost in the fridge for two days, and even then it does not cook evenly. Some of it burns, some of it is soggy. It’s annoying.

•Gino’s frozen: once again, amazing sauce. Their frozen pizza is way better than the Lou Malnati’s one. It also comes with a pop up timer, so it cooks really evenly. In general, Gino’s does not have as good of a crust as Lou Malnati’s, but for the frozen variety, I would definitely go with Gino’s.

•Uno’s: everything about this was awful. Don’t waste your money.

Noam: How was California?
Jami: I had In N Out Burger FOUR times!
Noam: *gives Jami high five*

Yeah I think it’s funny that the most important thing people want to know about is In N Out.

First of all, I feel really stupid. I love as much as the next guy. My favorite story on the whole web site is about Blackbeard using “Six a Song of Sixpence” to recruit pirates. It’s freaking amazing. It can be found on the Lost Legends page, along with a story about the origins of the California state flag. Anyway, I just found out that EVERYTHING on the Lost Legends page is MADE UP BY, as seen HERE!!! Dangit, that pirate story was so good!! Aaah I can’t believe I fell for it! The last five years of my life have been a hoax.

So I randomly got a message on Facebook the other day from the President of NIU Hillel asking me if I wanted help starting a Hillel at Eastern. Long story short, we got to talking about Birthright (now mind you, this guy is in a Jews for Judaism Facebook group). He said what they did to me was wrong and he actually gave me contact info for someone to air my grievances to. i’m not going to, because it was for the head of Illinois Hillels, and I did not try to go with Hillel, I tried to go with Shorashim, so whatever. But I thought that was really nice of him, especially since he is anti Messianic.

Then today I went to services and find out Steve is going on Birthright next week…with Shorashim…and he told them he’s Messianic!!! What. the crap???? He said it’s God opening up another opportunity for me. And I know that, but I”m still really upset. Whatever, they suck. And I hope they don’t kill Steve…even if he is a White Sox fan.

Somebody called my house like 45 minutes ago…
Jami: Hello?
Male voice: Remember me?
Jami: Who is this?
Male voice: *long pause*…Ross. From JDate.
Jami: Who are you looking for?
Ross: *long pause* Remember me?
Jami: Who are you looking for?
Ross: *long pause* Nevermind.

Which basically means Marni has been using JDate! Ha! She’s not going to the UMJC conference because “I don’t need help meeting guys like Jami does.” And she’s using JDate! Ha! Ha! Hahahaha!! And, for the record, that’s not why I’m going…

Okay. so. Crosstown Classic. I super badly wanted to go. My Dad wanted to go tomorrow to see Zambrano pitch, but I wanted to go today to see my boy Jason Marquis, MOT, pitch (I have forgiven him for being a former Cardinal). Tomorrow it’s supposed to storm and be in the 50s-lower 60s. When I told this to my Dad he decided he didn’t want to go, obviously…neither did I. I really fought for going today, but “Saturday is the day I worship.” What I kept forgetting was his congregation starts an hour later than mine, and his is 30 minutes farther away from the city than mine is. So from mine it would be okay. Today he was supposed to go to another UMJC congregation to try to recruit people for security for the conference, but the other guy in charge of security flaked out last night, so my Dad said he would come with me to Devar and then we would mad dash out before Oneg to catch the el to get to the game. Also it turns out he thought the game started at 1:00pm, when it really started at 2:55pm. So we got to stay for oneg afterall.

Okay so we get to Wrigley Field and everyone selling tickets is asking an arm and a leg for them (and why wouldn’t they…it’s Crosstown Classic…everyone wants to see the Cubbies kill the White Sox. That’s what Chicago is about.). So we walk around for a while. Long story short, my Dad decided to be super stubborn and made some not so good decisions about tickets and we got all kinds of ripped off with crappy seats. Had he not been so stubborn, we could have gotten better seats for the same all kinds of ripped off. Anyway, our seats were in the terrace and we were sitting BEHIND A POST!!! The thing about Wrigley Field is that the ushers don’t check your tickets, so if people don’t claim their seats, you can move to empty seats and just stay there, so we wound up in the front row in the terrace, pretty much right behind home plate…which means I got to see Jason Marquis from the backside the game from pretty good seats. ANyway, the game was a-freaking-MAZING!! Michael Barrett hit a home run with sonmeone on base, JASON MARQUIS HIT A HOME RUN with someone on base, and Derrek Lee, who has been out with an injury for, what five days, and they said he prolly wouldn’t be back til Tuesday, came in to pinch hit and HIT A GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! So we freaking KILLED them 11-6. Yeah it was an awesome game to see. And even though we got all sorts of ripped off and weren;t sitting in the sun so I’m still all kinds of pasty, it was very very worth it and I’m very very happy. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! Also, John Cusack did the 7th inning stretch. But yeah, awesomeness all around. Except for the White Sox.

Oh, also I saw a shirt that said “Cardinals fans take it in their Pujols.”

And I saw a homeless(?) man with a sign that said “I’m not gonna lie, I need a cold beer.”

Some genius sitting behind me at the game: His last name is “The riot!!”

twztdbuttafly420 (10:44:07 PM): the salmonella wasnt from in and out burger, was it?

You know you’re living in the 21st century when you log into MySpace and your synagogue has requested you as a friend.

BURGER KING TACOS ARE BACK!!!! I went to get some the other day from Burger Crack. They are supposed to be two for 99 cents, but I think Burger Crack is not participating in that, because I definitely paid $2.99 for four tacos. Psh. Maybe the other two Burger Kings in Mundelein are, I’ll have to check on that. Anyway, they forgot the hot sauce on them, so I decided it would be okay to eat two of them in the car while I was driving home. And then I elarned the hard way why you should not eat tacos while you’re driving. But they were so good mmm. So happy that they’re back!

So I thought of some great lyrics to go along with my last entry (WARNING: Wicked spoiler). Elphaba sings:
Let his flesh not be torn
Let his blood leave no stain
When they beat him let him feel no pain
Let his bones never break
And however they try to destroy him
Let him never die, let him never die

And then he turns into the scarecrow. Made completely of straw, so his bones can’t break, because he doesn’t have any. His blood can’t spill, because he has no blood. And he obviously can’t. She got exactly what she asked for, it was just answered differently than she wanted.

Apparently ImprovOlympic has a free show every Wednesday night at 8pm. How come nobody told me this before???

I don’t know why I never realised this before, but boosts make drinks from Jamba Juice taste a lot differently than they would without the boosts. So much for trying to stay healthy.

Miri is trying to be a flight attendant. She had an interview with United today, and since they are headquartered in Chicago, they flew her here today for an interview.

I’ve had AOL since 1993. I’ve talked to many people. And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that I really cannot stand people I meet online and I do my best to avoid them. Over the years only a handful of them have slipped through the cracks. In the past couple years I’ve had two that I really have spent a lot of time talking to. They both live in other states. I think it’s a funny coincidence that i had a chance to hang out with both of them within a two week time period.

Anyway, she didn’t know how long her interview was going to be, so I wound up having to wait a couple hours. At first I was just waiting outside of the building. It was right on the Chicago River. I was looking at the river and asking myself “do I really want to leave Chicago?” and then I looked down and saw just a ton of trash sitting there. And, yes, I do want to leave. Anyway, after like a half hour I got tired of just being in one spot so I decided to head over to State Street. When I got there I saw a big sculpture and decided I should go check out Millenium Park since I hadn’t been there since it’s been built. It was nothing special. It was filled with tourists. The only thing that was cool was the bean, which I took a picture of:


But here’s a better one, at night, from Wikipedia:

And then I remembered the strawberry water at that hotel on State Street, so I went and it had been replaced with lime water! Blast! I was getting really hungry and was starting to think about just getting food on my won then Miri called and we ran into a cafe on Monroe called The Spa Cafe. It was wonderful. I got a “quesanini” which is a wheat tortilla wrap grilled like a panin. Inside was chicken, brie, lettuce, cilantro, and MANGOS!! Mmm sooo good. They also had cucumber water, but I was afraid to try it. The inside of the cafe reminded us both of California, and not just because there was a recycling bin . I highly recommend this cafe to everyone. If you’re ever in The Loop you need to check it out!

And speaking of California, I’m now having to face the gross realisation that it will be 15 more months before In N Out will be able to grace my tastebuds once more. It’s so sad.

Noam has mentioned to me several times that he needs to find a hotel in the city for some UMJC conference in January and I had no idea what he was talking about. I looked on the UMJC web site and it says there is a 20s cnference coming to the midwest in early 2008, so I’m guessing that’s what it is. Yay, excitiement!!

My Dad and I are going to try to get tickets to the Crosstown Classic on Sunday. Carlos Zambrano is pitching and I guess he walks around the mound and talks to himself between pitches, which they don’t show on tv, and my Dad wants to see that. Personally, I’d rather see Jason Marquis pitch. He’s an MOT .

So my Dad still wants to give his car to Marni. AND he wants to buy her a computer. What. the crap? However, as of like now, I believe the Taurus is officially dead. And I need a car. So we’ll see what happens with that. *sigh*

I haven’t talked a whole lot about American Idol this year, but my goodness was I shocked at last night’s results!!! For once I don’t think it was Fox rigging it, I think people didn’t vote for Melinda, becaose of Diffusion of Responsibility. People, didn’t we learn ANYTHING from Kitty Genovese’s death in 1964??? Hello!!!

Proof(?) that I got a 162 in wii bowling:

Two friendly nouns…???:

Boys might not want to read this:
So this month I had the same problem as last month: I got my period a few days early. Again, no bleeding the first few days though. The fact that this happened two months in a row means there is something wrong with BOTH of my ovaries. This is not good.

Prayers answered differently than you expect

“More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.” -Truman Capote

What do you do when you pray so hard and so long over something and it gets answered, but the way God answered it was completely different than what you had in mind?


1) Your leg itches and it won’t stop. This goes on for days. You pray and pray for it to stop itching. Then it starts turning strange colours. You finally give in and go to the doctor. It turns out you have an infection that has spread to your bone and they need to amputate your leg. Your leg is gone, but so is the itching.

2) You and your significant other cannot seem to stop fighting. You don’t know what to do. You pray for the fighting to stop. Then your significant other dies in a car accident. The fighting has stopped.

I know these examples are way extreme, but those were my metaphors. Thankfully I have not had to deal with either of those, and hopefully never will. But my point is, it’s really frustrating when something turns out like that. So do you have a right to be upset or are you just being ungrateful because you can’t appreciate your prayer being answered?

So I’ll be back for good someday to make my life and make my way

I’m back from California now. Unfortunately Marni is the only person who knows where the USB cord is for my Dad’s camera, so…we may have to buy a new one. I’ll post pictures as soon as we get this figured out. Also, this entry will be super long, even for my standards.

We flew to San Diego last Friday, May 4. I had not slept at all. We had an early flight so breakfast at O’Hare was something that needed to happen. The way breakfast works anytime you eat somewhere other than where you live, is McDonald’s or something else. I really did not feel like having McDonald’s so I went in search for something else. To my surprise, The Billy Goat Tavern had two eggs, hasbrowns, and two slices of toast for $3.29. This is a very good deal for an airport, so I went for it, solely because of the price. I decided to go for sunny side up eggs. I was almost finished eating them when I noticed there was a tiny bit that was clear and runny. I know this is not good. So I reluctantly stopped eating them and figured I would be fine.

We got to San Diego around 1pm Pacific time. It was so beautiful, even when we were about to land. We went to get our rental car (my Mom did not want to pay an extra $27/day so I did not do any driving in California). Then I had my first In-N-Out Burger and it was everything I imagined and so much more mmmmm so good. Then we drove to the hotel. I thought I was going to have time to take a little nap before going out, but my Mother decided to defy the GPS that came with the car, over and over again and I wound up not being able to nap at all. And whilke we were driving I really wanted to stick my head out the window like a dog. San Diego is so beautiful I cannot even believe it. We got to the hotel and I am starting to feel a little sick. I figure it is from much lack of sleep. There’s no way it can be from the In-N-Out Burger. I refuse to believe it. It has to be lack of sleep. Then David called and said traffic was bad so it would be a while. I wait for him to come get me and get sicker, but I have to go out, because it would be stupid to stay in, especially when the only reason I am sick is from lack fo sleep, right?

So David gets to the hotel, we go pick up his girlfriend and go to UCSD to get free food. I had several meals already and was full, getting sicker, so I pass on the food. This is a sign I am really sick. I don’t say anything because I figure if I just ignore it I will be fine. Then we head over to a Cinco de Mayo party with more free food. Mexican food. I pass on this too and am getting really really sick. The smell of the food is not helping, and I have on my Campus House hoodie. If you have one you know how tight the neck is. I’m feeling so sick I wind up running out of the party and throwing up on whoseever lawn that was! Fun times! Even though I was feeling really sick, being out in the fresh air was really nice. I’m not a nature person, but I could see myself just spending a lot of time outside in San Diego, even if I was by myself. Anyway, they figure out I’m sick and take me back to the hotel. I feel really bad, one for throwing up on someone’s lawn, two for them having to leave the party early, even though they went right back afterwards. Anyway, I remembered about the eggs and realise I probably have Salmonella. I look on Wikipedia and they did not have the symptoms listed (this will change after I finish writing this entry, but they will probably deleted it)! The computer I was on would not let me get to Web MD, so I had to hunt for it. The only symptom I did not have was a fever, which is strange, because my forehead was so hot. The web site I was on said to see a doctor and the only way to treat it is to drink a lot fo water. Why would I go see a doctor if all they’re going to do is tell me to drink water? So I have been drinking tons of water since then. It did help.

Despite being really sick I got up early Saturday morning to go services with David and his girlfriend. I am feeling a lot better, but still sick. Drinking lots of water. We went to David’s parents’ house after services for lunch and to play some Wii. My Wii bowling score reflects my real life bowling score. Then we went to Children’s Pool/”Seal Beach” and La Jolla Cove. Then we went to Coronado(?) to see the sunset and to Mt. Soledad. After it was dark we went to the Gaslamp Quarter. This place is so cool. And one of the intersections you can cross diagonally. While I’m on the subject, there are a lot of differences between driving in California and driving in Chicago. In California, U-turns are legal in most places. People use their turn signals before changing lanes. Cars stop for pedestrians!! And when lanes are about to merge there are arrows on the street. I am amazed by all of these! Anyway, we went to Hooters since neither David nor Vivian had been before. I am still feeling too sick to eat most foods (I wound up not being well enough to eat Mexican or Asian food during the entire trip. Sucks), but I figure if I limit myself I will be fine. I wound up eating only four wings and I was fine. My main goal in life (okay not really) is to get everyone hooked on Hooters. They both loved it, so now I am 4 for 4 . Afterwards we went to Ghiradelli and I had a hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was really good. In fact, it was so good, after just a few sips I had it again…in reverse. Though I will say this was the best tasting throw up ever. So I ask to be taken back to the hotel. The next day would be Balboa Park, the one thing I had planned and had been looking forward to for two months. Very excited.

Sunday. I got to sleep in a little since I was feeling sick. They came to get me around 2:30 I think. Then we went to pick up David’s friend Sean, also Messianic. We got to Balboa Park around 4:45. The International Cottages close at 5:00 so we had to hoof it. Anyway, it turned out they, and pretty much everything else closed at FOUR. I was really upset. It doesn’t matter now though (see end). After we went to Davids’ parents house again. I never thought I could be knocked over by a Jack Russell Terrior (or any dog that small), but I was very wrong. I only wish I had pictures. A bunch of people came over and we played Wii again. I somehow wound up with a 162, which is especially impressive when someone walks in between the Wii-mote and TV right as you are throwing and you wind up getting a strike. Then we went to Souplantation with a lot of people. There were 10 people and all Messianic except for one. It was a nice change. After dinner we went to a pool hall across the parking lot. David left to take his sisters home and I actually went ahead to the pool hall. This is big for me, because usually if I go somewhere and only know one person I will stay within a few feet of them at all times because I think they are going to leave me, but I felt really comfortable. I played a bunch of games of pool and still sucked, but I did a lot better than I usually do and David did wind up coming back so I did not get left haha. I was starting to feel really sick again. My goal for the day had been to not throw up. I did wind up meeting that goal, but I was still feeling really sick. I was back at the hotel fairly early all three nights. I hung out with more people in San Diego than I have in Mundelein in the past eight years. And I’m not joking either.

Monday I went to check out San Diego State. It was so beautiful. All of San Diego is so beautiful. I was so taken with it the whole time, I just can’t believe it. It’s probably the most beautiful place I have ever been, except Cancun, but I would never want to live in Cancun. Anyway, I loved San Diego State. I loved San Diego.

Then we drove four hours to Bakersfield. There are over 300,000 people in Bakersfield and the only thing to do there is eat. The people only seemed happy in In-N-Out Burger. Although if I was making $9.50/hr I would probably be happy too? I watched Heroes, because there was nothing else to do. I’m glad I watched it though, because Ellen Greene (Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors) was playing Sylar’s mother, and I always wondered what her real voice sounded like.

Tuesday I got a tour of CSU Bakersfield from a Messianic girl I met on Facebook. And when I was there the Messianic population doubled in size. Anyway, when visiting schools there was one thing I kept in mind. When I went to visit Eastern for the first time, President Lou said to look at the students and see if they are happy. After visiting CSUB we drove five hours to the Bay Area. My Mom wanted to stay in Berkeley, I did not, but did not have a choice. We got to the hotel we were supposed to stay at and it was awful, so we had to find another one, which we got to with about five minutes to spare before American Idol came on. I am actually super happy with the top three. Anyway, my Mom and I had the most fights in Berkeley, but I am not going to get into it.

Wednesday I visited Holy Names University in Oakland. Other than being a small school with lots of hills and stairs, I liked it.

Thursday I visited the University of San Francisco. Again, tons and tons of hills and stairs. This one was just arright for me, dawg. The Bay Area didn’t really do anything for me. And everything was so crowded and close together. The only thing I really wanted to do was see the house from Full House. They painted it all sorts of weird colours so the only way you can recognise it is if you knew which of the six (?) houses it was. I got a picture anyway. Then we drove to Sillicon Valley. We stayed in the town next to Santa Clara, called Sunnyvale, which had a very Stepford feeling to it. I watched The Office. I don’t understand why Jim is still dating Karen when he knows he should be with Pam.

Friday I visited Santa Clara University. I forgot this was my first choice, but I was reminded very quickly. I wanted so much to like SDSU, because I was so taken with San Diego, but Santa Clara is really where I want to be. SDSU only takes 25 students a year, out of a few hundred that apply. Santa Clara you need a higher GPA, but they take in as many students they see fit, and they accept new students three times a year. They will also admit you to the non degree program if they see potential in you, but your GPA and or GRE are not up to par and they give you a quarter to see how you do. I was told to get my GPA up as high as I can and to get some experience volunteering somewhere (it was recommended to me to do an internship, but I don’t have time for that) and then I should be fine.

Then my Mom and I went to the flea market in San Jose to see if I could find a purse, since mine is super falling apart. No such luck. We went to Cupertino to find the Apple Building (not my idea). We had dinner at Tony Roma’s and then went to ComedySportz in San Jose. My Mom got in free because it’s Mother’s day. She tried to convince me to tell them I was in the High School League in Chicago, but I didn’t want to. I don’t even say that to people in Chicago on the rare occasion I go. So she decided to tell them for me, and, as I figured, they did not care, and it was just embarrassing. It was so big and nice I could not believe it. They had a huge box office/concession stand. They were selling shirts that say “I make things up,” which is just brilliant. My Mom was going to buy one for me, but I don’t do improv anymore, so if I wear it, it makes me look like I am a liar. But it goes under my top three CSz shirts I have seen (my Pottymouth one being one and the other was: , d sportz)

Anyway, I was expecting the theatre itself to be amazing. We walk in and it’s an 84 seat theatre and the stage was literally about 20′ x 5′. They could not even fit the benches on it! And they didn’t even have a place for their keyboardist to sit down!! He just stood in back!! it was a freaking joke! Man I thought the old Chicago theatre was a shoebox. boy was I wrong. Oh and even with only 84 seats there were still a few that were empty. The show was really funny. They use some of the same jokes, but some things are different. Ex: they make the audience refer to themselves as “tonight’s loyal fans” and I am used to “audience” and I kept getting confused. They still have the groaner foul, which is nice. The last time I went to the one in Chicago they had thrown it out. I still need to ask about that. Anyway the show was funny and I went through a brief “I miss this so much, I need to get back into it.” Fortunately I had gotten over ti by the time we got to the car. But seeing the CSz show was a nice way to end the trip. I hadn’t really done anything since San Diego.

Today we flew back to Chicago. Everytime I have flown back to Chicago I see Wrigley Field and know I’m home. This time I didn’t feel like I was flying home, I just felt really sad. This trip was to figure out where I am going to move next year. I really want to go to Santa Clara, but I don’t think I could be happy just living there, I would have to be going to school. Anytime I drive somewhere I always go back to where I started. The whole time I was in CA I kept thinking I was going back to San Diego, but it didn’t happen. I just have this really strong feeling that I’m not done there. And I just want to go back. The fact that I can have more fun there while I’m so sick than I can anywhere else is a sign. So I will be moving to San Diego, even if it’s only a year before I have to move elsewhere to go to school. I can always move back after I graduate. But I can see myself being so happy there, and there’s just nowhere else I can imagine being happy right now. So I have to move there. (or maybe I should let the Bears and Chargers vie for my future in a few months…haha not really). So yeah…San Diego. You heard it here first.

If I had been told a few years ago I would be moving to San Diego…I don’t know. I guess I never really knew where I would end up, I just knew I didn’t want it to be Mundelein. I guess I assumed it would be somewhere else in Chicago, just because I couldn’t imagine picking up and moving anywhere and never really thought about it. And it’s kind of scary to think about that, but this feels right. Man.

Anyway, I’m feeling mostly better now, though still a little bit sick. But I have not thrown up since last Saturday!

Also, I had In-N-Out four times. It would have been more, but it did not help me feel any less sick.

But yes…San Diego.

And for those of you who thought my entries could not get any longer…you were wrong .


Well I’m packing up my game and I’m’a head out west
Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts

I’m strangely calm, considering today is the first day of the rest of my life. Then again, I’m strangely calm, considering it’s me.

Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean
Travel on a jet plane far away

My Dad is letting me borrow his digtal camera so I don’t have to use my Mom’s, which is a piece of crap and can’t even take pictures at night.

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky
As someone told me lately
Everyone deserves a chance to fly

I still have so much to do and am leaving for the airport in less than five hours!

California here we come!