Noam: How was California?
Jami: I had In N Out Burger FOUR times!
Noam: *gives Jami high five*

Yeah I think it’s funny that the most important thing people want to know about is In N Out.

First of all, I feel really stupid. I love as much as the next guy. My favorite story on the whole web site is about Blackbeard using “Six a Song of Sixpence” to recruit pirates. It’s freaking amazing. It can be found on the Lost Legends page, along with a story about the origins of the California state flag. Anyway, I just found out that EVERYTHING on the Lost Legends page is MADE UP BY, as seen HERE!!! Dangit, that pirate story was so good!! Aaah I can’t believe I fell for it! The last five years of my life have been a hoax.

So I randomly got a message on Facebook the other day from the President of NIU Hillel asking me if I wanted help starting a Hillel at Eastern. Long story short, we got to talking about Birthright (now mind you, this guy is in a Jews for Judaism Facebook group). He said what they did to me was wrong and he actually gave me contact info for someone to air my grievances to. i’m not going to, because it was for the head of Illinois Hillels, and I did not try to go with Hillel, I tried to go with Shorashim, so whatever. But I thought that was really nice of him, especially since he is anti Messianic.

Then today I went to services and find out Steve is going on Birthright next week…with Shorashim…and he told them he’s Messianic!!! What. the crap???? He said it’s God opening up another opportunity for me. And I know that, but I”m still really upset. Whatever, they suck. And I hope they don’t kill Steve…even if he is a White Sox fan.

Somebody called my house like 45 minutes ago…
Jami: Hello?
Male voice: Remember me?
Jami: Who is this?
Male voice: *long pause*…Ross. From JDate.
Jami: Who are you looking for?
Ross: *long pause* Remember me?
Jami: Who are you looking for?
Ross: *long pause* Nevermind.

Which basically means Marni has been using JDate! Ha! She’s not going to the UMJC conference because “I don’t need help meeting guys like Jami does.” And she’s using JDate! Ha! Ha! Hahahaha!! And, for the record, that’s not why I’m going…

Okay. so. Crosstown Classic. I super badly wanted to go. My Dad wanted to go tomorrow to see Zambrano pitch, but I wanted to go today to see my boy Jason Marquis, MOT, pitch (I have forgiven him for being a former Cardinal). Tomorrow it’s supposed to storm and be in the 50s-lower 60s. When I told this to my Dad he decided he didn’t want to go, obviously…neither did I. I really fought for going today, but “Saturday is the day I worship.” What I kept forgetting was his congregation starts an hour later than mine, and his is 30 minutes farther away from the city than mine is. So from mine it would be okay. Today he was supposed to go to another UMJC congregation to try to recruit people for security for the conference, but the other guy in charge of security flaked out last night, so my Dad said he would come with me to Devar and then we would mad dash out before Oneg to catch the el to get to the game. Also it turns out he thought the game started at 1:00pm, when it really started at 2:55pm. So we got to stay for oneg afterall.

Okay so we get to Wrigley Field and everyone selling tickets is asking an arm and a leg for them (and why wouldn’t they…it’s Crosstown Classic…everyone wants to see the Cubbies kill the White Sox. That’s what Chicago is about.). So we walk around for a while. Long story short, my Dad decided to be super stubborn and made some not so good decisions about tickets and we got all kinds of ripped off with crappy seats. Had he not been so stubborn, we could have gotten better seats for the same all kinds of ripped off. Anyway, our seats were in the terrace and we were sitting BEHIND A POST!!! The thing about Wrigley Field is that the ushers don’t check your tickets, so if people don’t claim their seats, you can move to empty seats and just stay there, so we wound up in the front row in the terrace, pretty much right behind home plate…which means I got to see Jason Marquis from the backside the game from pretty good seats. ANyway, the game was a-freaking-MAZING!! Michael Barrett hit a home run with sonmeone on base, JASON MARQUIS HIT A HOME RUN with someone on base, and Derrek Lee, who has been out with an injury for, what five days, and they said he prolly wouldn’t be back til Tuesday, came in to pinch hit and HIT A GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! So we freaking KILLED them 11-6. Yeah it was an awesome game to see. And even though we got all sorts of ripped off and weren;t sitting in the sun so I’m still all kinds of pasty, it was very very worth it and I’m very very happy. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! Also, John Cusack did the 7th inning stretch. But yeah, awesomeness all around. Except for the White Sox.

Oh, also I saw a shirt that said “Cardinals fans take it in their Pujols.”

And I saw a homeless(?) man with a sign that said “I’m not gonna lie, I need a cold beer.”

Some genius sitting behind me at the game: His last name is “The riot!!”


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