Battle of the deep dish pizzas

There are three types of Chicago style pizza: thin crust, stuffed pizza (crust, cheese and toppings [usually spinach], a thin layer of crust, sauce), and deep dish, which is what you usually see on TV and in movies (amazing crust, cheese, toppings, sauce).

The three main restaurants to get deep dish pizza from are Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, and Pizzeria Uno.

•Gino’s East: Gino’s has a couple locations downtown, as well as a few in the suburbs. The ones downtown, and at least one in the suburbs, you can graffiti the walls, the tablecloth, the ceiling (if you can reach…I cannot), etc. The last time I was at one you could write on the walls I wrote “For a good time call 867-5309 ask for Jenny.” Gino’s sauce is wonderful. it’s pretty sweet and does not have huge chunks of tomatoes. I do not like tomatoes. The closest Gino’s to here is in Libertyville. I have not eaten there, but I heard it’s awful. And you can’t graffiti anything.

•Lou Malnati’s: Lou Malnati’s has a few locations downtown, and lots in the suburbs. However most of the suburban locations are carry out and delivery only. The nearest sit down location is in Buffalo Grove, but I heard it’s awful. In order to eat good pizza from a sit down Lou’s, we would have to drive out to Lincolnwood, which is about 45 minutes or so away. Lou Malnati’s crust is amazing. They have extra cheese in the crust. Their sauce has huge chunks of tomatoes in it, so I scrape them off. That’s most of the sauce, so really I am mostly eating cheese and crust when I eat theirs.

•Pizzeria Uno: Pizzeria Uno has one location downtown. It was too small so they opened one across the street called Pizzeria Due. They also have a chain called Uno’s Chicago Grille, which they have opened up across the world. I can’t remember eating at the one downtown, other than that it was good (I have not been there since I was little). The last time we ate Uno’s was at the chain. It was awful and we haven’t gone back since. I just found out last week that the chain is nothing like the one downtown. That’s very good to hear.

As of very recent, all three now have frozen pizzas available at select grocery stores. My Mom and I have, as of tonight, tried all three to compare.

•Lou Malnati’s frozen: it’s just alright. If you want it to cook thoroughly you have to let it defrost in the fridge for two days, and even then it does not cook evenly. Some of it burns, some of it is soggy. It’s annoying.

•Gino’s frozen: once again, amazing sauce. Their frozen pizza is way better than the Lou Malnati’s one. It also comes with a pop up timer, so it cooks really evenly. In general, Gino’s does not have as good of a crust as Lou Malnati’s, but for the frozen variety, I would definitely go with Gino’s.

•Uno’s: everything about this was awful. Don’t waste your money.


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