So the game I went to, apparently they had wanted Jason Marquis to bunt. He claims he wasn’t getting the signs, but I think that is not true. Also it was only his third career home run and he has been in the majors for seven (?) years. Awesome! We’ve been having a rough week, mostly because the Padres have an amazing pitching staff (though some of them look like they should be playing for The Chargers) and also because I have ADD. It really seems like they only do well when I watch and pay attention. The game I went to, everytime I would space out the Sox would get a run. Anyway, Friday night I went to a Shabbat dinner that Noam was hosting so I couldn’t watch the entire game. I called my Dad on my way home to find out the score and he aid it was 3-0 Dodgers and that I need to get home soon to watch so we can win. The next time I talked to him it was 5-1 Dodgers, so I turned on the radio to see if that was any good. Anyway, it was the 7th inning when I turned it on and The Cubs wound up getting seven runs that inning. But, as I said before, I have ADD and even spacing out for a couple seconds ruins everything and we lost 8-7. I think God is trying to condition me to pay attention haha.

I saw this on the Facebook marketplace:
Picture 1

So apparently Nate is going on Birthright with Steve. Nate claims neither of them said they were Messianic, but either way. Literally every single person I know is going to Israel this summer! At least I’m not being over dramatic.

I had orientation at Red Robin today. I knew Rainforest was messed up, but man I had no idea just how messed up it was. Man. Also my manager had on a Star of David. That is always good lol. I had a burger afterwards. It was good.

My Mom grilled the other day and I opted to put Thousand Island on it instead of mustard and pickles. In n Out ruined me!! Haha.

Best piece of spam ever:
Picture 2


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