So, as it turns out, I have curly hair. Herbal Essences changed their shampoo a while ago and I was forced to make a decision, as they were no longer going to produce mine. I opted to switch to their new “none of your frizzness” shampoo and conditioner which are just not working out for me. Thanks to the magic of Facebook groups, I decided I should try Garnier Fructis. I decided to go all out. I bought the anti frizz shampoo, the anti frizz conditioner, the curl construct mousse, and the anti humidity hairspray. Just for the halibut. I haven’t worn my hair natural since the middle of second grade, because I got sick of being asked if I had been struck by lightning or if I had stuck my finger in an electric socket. Not that wearing it back really did anything. All throughout band in 7th grade my name was not Jami, it was “Frizzy.” Jerks. Anyway so I decided to use the mousse and hairspray and I actually like my hair curly. The only problem is there is not enough mousse in the world to keep my hair form poofing out so much when it’s down, so I will still have to put it back, at least partially. But I think my hair is going to be curly from now on. This will also mean I need to start taking showers several hours earlier than I usually do. Although I haven’t slept on this yet, so I don’t know how it will look tomorrow.

I saw Mrs Townsend today. She remembered my name.

This is going to be awesome, though they may run into some legal issues with Mae Whitman playing a deaf girl:

This is not the entry I was talking about that is coming soon. The one I was talking about will be about The Cubs, but I haven’t felt like writing it yet.

Also I found out Matt Murton is a believer so I decided we are going to date and then I find out he’s married. Man.


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