Month: June 2007

Bob: You know who The Cubs need in their bullpen?
Len: Who?
Bob: Ditka.

Eric Idle is working on a film adaptation of Spamalot!!!

Go to and vote for the second video. Josh Grant from manteno is one of the five finalists to interview the cast of Hairspray at the LA premiere.

Friday, Kate, her friend Megan, and I went up to Milwaukee to go to Kopps. Mmmm so good. Neither of them had had frozen custard before.The pomegranate custard was not so good thoguh, so I got vanilla. Kate, the vegtarian, had a bite of my burger. They wanted to stop at mars Cheese Castle on the way home, so we did (picture coming soon?)

Yesterday Kate and I went to Strawberry Fest in Long Grove but we didn’t eat any strawberries. I ran into someone from Devar even though he doesn’t live out here.

I went to a new eye doctor today. I told them I want to switch contact brands since the ones I have been wearing for the past 7 years make my eyes so dry. They’re ordering me new ones and they are going to be dailies instead of two weekers. This is good for several reasons: 1) I don’t have to worry about cleaning them. I just throw them out at the end of the day. There won’t be any build up and I am less likely to have a reocurrance of Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. 2) No more buying $15 bottles of cleaning solution. 3) Won’t have to throw them out if they tear and feel bad because I still had another at least week left on them (that’s only happened to me twice in 7 years). 4) I don’t wear contacts everyday and the two weekers need to be thrown out after two weeks whether o not you wear them. Dailies are more expensive but if I don’t wear them everyday they will last a lot longer.

It also turns out I have an astigmatism in both eyes, which I was never told before. They gave me samples of my new contact prescription, and now after taking them out and putting on my glasses everything is blurry and my eyes hurt so much, so I will need to get a new glasses prescription as well, and soon because of my online classes.

Today was my first shift at work. They had told me I would be starting with small sections. I get to work to find out I have five tables in my section and there is only one other server on for like an hour…what?? Anyway, it wound up being super slow and I had about five tables all night, including four parties of two and one party of one. The other was a party of four including two kids. All but one of the tables tipped me 20% and the other tipped me 25%. The table that tipped me 25% said they would have left me Cubs tickets but didn’t have any. the 25% was less than $7.00, but it’s the thought that counts and it made me happy. Anyway, including my $3.90/hr, it averaged to about $12/hr and I only worked for 3.5 hours. As much as I want/need to make money, I need to start slow. I picked up a shift tomorrow. One of the [Mexican] cooks asked me if I have a boyfriend and kept calling me bonita. Shocking. One of my Jewish coworkers wanted to go on a date and or hook up with me…even though he has a girlfriend. They’re in “an open relationship.” I honestly considered it since it’s been so long since I kissed anyone (also a coworker who had a girlfriend…except he had told me they broke up…), however I promised myself I wouldn’t kiss anyone I woudln’t date, again. Yay, go me!

We are supposed to abbreviate when we take orders so that it goes faster. Melissa told me a few days ago she thinks Freckled Lemonade looks like chum. She’s right. My abbreviated for Freckled Lemonade is now “chum.” It is so much easier than “Strw lem” or something. Plus it amuses me hehe.

I came home to a Cubs game with a score of 6-3 Cubs and they got two more runs shortly after. At the top of the 9th inning our wonderful bullpen gave up 6 runs, making the score 9-8 Rockies. A crazed fan somehow got onto the field and was running towards Bob Howry, probably to punch him for giving up runs (even though Scott Eyre gave up more runs, but Bob Howry was the one on the mound at the time) and wa sonly a few feet away from him when security got him. He is probably in jail. At the bottom of the 9th we had one out and they bring up Koyie Hill to pinch hit. Koyie Hill who has a .125 average. It was at that time that I started praying. One more out and Alfonso Soriano comes up to bat. Apparently he had had five at bats this game and was 0 for 5. He hits a two run single, Cubs win!!! Oh man it was so great!! I started clapping even though I was by myself. Alfonso Soriano has now been voted NL player of the week and has a .480 batting average in the past 7 days. Man what a freaking great game. Not to mention Mike FOntenot was 5 for 5 for at bats. It’s funny because when they brought him up from AAA a couple weeks ago my Dad literally said “anybody, but Mike Fonetnot.” Mike Fontenot now has the highest batting average on the whole team, with a .397, with Derrek Lee in second with a .350. granted he has had fewer at bats, but he has had hits in 15 out of 16 games he has played in.

My eyes hurt so badly aaah.

I figured out why the sauce that comes with onion rings at work is called Campfire Sauce. it is made of children who fall into campfires.

Dear crazed fan who ran onto the field to try to punch Bob Howry:

Leave the punching to the players. I know Michael Barrett is gone now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be anymore fights. From now on, please only attend White Sox games, so that you may be amongst your own people.


The Jesus Videos

The now defunct (I think) web site, which was a web site for Christians and people seeking The Lord, I think, made four videos which are now infamous, at least in the circle I run at school. They took clips form movies about Jesus and re-dubbed them in stereotypes about Him. The following are said videos:


I like #3 the best, then #2, then #1, then #4.

So tonight was…interesting. Once I got the first table I started freaking out right away and was ready to give up. Then I found out EVERYONE is willing to help…punch things into the computer, run drinks, grab dirty dishes out of your hands…I can’t even believe it’s Lake County…people are not that nice here!!

I failed my timed test, however they said I don’t have to re-do it, I will just have small sections for a while, which is perfectly fine with me. However I did have all five tables tip me 20%, so they must have liked their service, because good servers are even lucky to get 15% usually…unless they wait on me . But since I was in training I didn’t get to keep my tips. But minimum wage is going up on July 1 and I will be getting a 60 cent raise.

Does anybody else see the humour in Didi Conn making a French’s mustard commercial?

Speaking of which, the Grease trivia quiz on the Nick at nite web site is awful. There are so many mistakes I could get paid to fix them all. Even with the mistakes I got a 100% on the quiz (surprise, surprise). Ex: it asks what Rydell High’s mascot is and in the movie it’s the rangers but that is not listed as a choice, but raiders is. I put raiders because I figured they’re really stupid. But they’re showing Grease next month and it’s going to be hosted by Laura Osnes and Max Crumm, so that is exciting! They’re also going to be giving away a trip for four to go to NYC to see opening night. If it’s based on trivia alone that trip is as good as mine!! Who wants to come with?

I forgot to mention in San Diego they have different sauce for the wings at Hooters. I hadn’t been in so long that I figured they had just added some, but when I went to the one in Schaumburg last week it turned out they hadn’t added new sauces.

I feel like my Facebook is so cluttered now with all the new applications, but I don’t want to get rid of them. They have some interesting ones, like one that all it does is tell you whether or not Abe Vigoda is still alive, or one that tells you whether or not Paris Hilton is in jail. Another one allows you to make a profile for your pet. I discovered one yesterday that allows you to upload your YouTube videos, so I have my favorites on there. Most of them are from The Office and or SNL. But I must say I am enjoying the giant Cubs logo which is now located directly under the mini feed.

I came close to getting a free trip to near SD this weekend, but it’s not going to work out, because I can’t afford to buy a plane ticket. I don’t work this weekend, so it would have been perfect.

Miri has decided to drive here instead of fly, so she’s coming out two days early and will be staying here for two nights so she can come to services with me on July 14.

I want to go up to Kopps on Friday because they are going to be having pomegranate custard. I also want to go up to Noah’s Ark sometime this summer. I just miss swimming so much.

Good news: the other half of my brain has been located!! Thanks to the magic of Facebook. In high school people always said Jennie Parks and I shared a brain because we were both really ditzy. Anyway, I talked to her last week for the first time since senior year of hs, but we haven’;t spent any time together since sophomore year of hs. So the first conversation in four years she was telling me about how she’s dated one guy in the Army and one in the Navy and they were both jerks, but she loves guys in uniform. I jokingly told her she should date a postal worker and she said she had just gone on a date with the mail man from work. Obviously we still share a brain…definitely pulled that one out of my butt! Anyway, we are planning on seeing Forbidden Broadway sometime soon. Also she asked me if I like Bakers Square. Yessss!!

I made a Meez. This is me standing in the middle of the Gaslamp Quarter (suspend your dibelief) eating a taco:

If you can’t tell, the shirt says “Ko’sher fo’sher.” I tried to make a Starlight Express version of myself too, but it wouldn’t let me save it unless I paid them money.

If you decide to make one, put in Jami86e when they ask who referred you.

I also updated my Weemee. I realised it was summer so I should change clothes:

I was going to have a hot dog and an iMac, but then I saw a can of Red Bull and thought “Red Bull gives you wings.” BTW Red Bull is crap. It’s (Red) Bull crap haha.

Darth Vader meets Jar Jar Binks:

And, in honour of the most recent college grads, I give you Will Ferrell’s Harvard graduation speech 2003. Fast forward to the 1:30:00 mark. Sort of long, but so worth it.

New job, new people, new car

“Jesus died for MySpace.” -I saw this on a shirt!

New job is going fairly well. I’ve gotten lots of praise for memorising things, however I’ve been very lazy and haven’t been memorising the menu like I should be. Bu I can tell you which beers we have (both on tap and bottled) and which salad dressings we have. I’ve started waiting tables already, though not by myself. My trainers have been really good about letting me do a lot of the work. I’m really slow and have trouble carrying a lot of things and it’s hard for me to remember where everything is on the computer, as well as how to do substitutions, etc. But my coworkers seem really nice, though the only ones who have really talked to me are the Jews and the Mexicans, go figure. At least here the bussers and cooks speak English to me. One of them even asked me if I was a gringa haha. And they’re actually introducing themselves and asking for my name, etc. Unlike at Rainforest. I’ve only had a problem with one person I’ve waited on so far (it’s only been two days though) and he was wearing a White Sox hat. I kid you not. Most of the managers are Cubs fans so the Cubs game is always on the TVs and they understand if we need to check the score.

I finally had something I added on Wikipedia not get deleted. Unfortunately, it’s because they sent Matt Murton down to Iowa. it’s sad, because he’s been in the majors since 2005. The Mariners have a closer whose last name is Putz. That’s not how it’s pronounced, or so it seems. I want to do fantasy baseball next year. I’m either going to take it seriously or make my team entirely of people with funny or cool last names. If I do the latter, I definitely need Putz, Saltalamacchia, and Bocachica…if they let me mix AL with NL.

NBC canceled Thank God You’re Here> I didn’t understand, until I read reviews about it where people were saying it was a rip off of Whose Line and that it’s not even as good and the only good thing about this show were the regulars. Obviously the people watching it know NOTHING about improv. The only regular on that show I thought was good was the KKK guy from Reno 911, and it turns out ghe trained with CSz. He was also a Bert Fershner!!!

Yesterday I wound up staying in Skokie until 2am. Noam invited a lot of people over for a bbq and I didn’t feel like driving all the way home then back and home again, so I just stayed out there. i didn’t think it through all the way, because I had only gotten like four hours of sleep, but I wound up resting on the couch for a while. Most of the people that were there were high schoolers. I hadn’t talked to any of them yet. Since I won’t be there for much longer, I decided it was unnecessary to get to know anyone other than the 20s, but the high schoolers are really cool. They’re just horrible at being dead in Mafia. I narrated the first round and it was horrible. I can never narrate again, must play!

I have unlimited text messaging and internet on my phone until July 6, after that I won’t have it anymore. But I decided yesterday to take advantage of it and it’s probably a mistake, because I will miss it when it’s gone.

My Dad bought a new car a few days ago. I went with him, because he was going to Schaumburg and I wanted Hooters. I wound up eating nine wings (would have been 10 but my Mom wanted one), which beats my previous record by two, and makes up for the fact that I only had four in San Diego. Anyway, my Dad finally decided to give me his other car, because it would be too expensive to get Marni on it, because of her horrible driving record. I now drive a 2004 Nissan Sentra with 67K on it, as opposed to the 1996 Ford Taurus with 141K on it. Pros and Cons of the Nissan:

•It won’t run on 87 octane gas and I have to get at least 89, so it will be more expensive.
•It’s a 12 gallon tank, as opposed to the 15 gallons the Taurus had.
•Four cylanders instead of the six cylander Taurus.
•The gas pedal is so easy to press that it is really easy to be going 15mph over the speed limit, when I feel like I am under it.
•It’s a compact car and I had enough trouble fitting everything into the Taurus when I moved out.
•I have to pay for my own IPass, since I will be the only one driving this car.
•***It doesn’t have cruise control. I will hopefully be fine driving to and from school, but it’s going to kill my knee when i drive to California.

•Gets better gas mileage than the Taurus.
•It’s a compact car, so WHEN I park crooked, I will be more likely to stay inside the lines.
•I don’t have to worry about it dying on me, everytime I drive it.
•The car actually stops right when I press the brake.
•It has a built in CD player, so I don’t have to futz with a discman while I’m driving.
•There is a remote to unlock/lock the doors and open the trunk.
•This car should last me a really long time.
•It has a sunglasses holder right about the rear view mirror, so I don’t have to worry about losing mine or crushing them somehow.
•It’s not a Ford :).

Yeah the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

“Paris Hilton told her lawyer she plans to use this time in jail to think about how she can make the world a better place. So far all she has come up with is to stay in jail.” -Conan O’Brien

So a while ago I met this girl, Katie, on Facebook. We’ve talked online several times. She was raised Messianic but her family hasn’t gone anywhere in 10 years and she’s been out of touch that long. She also left InterVarsity after several years for the same reason I left Campus House. And we know several people in common, since she lives in Buffalo Grove. Anyway, I asked her if she would like to come to Devar with me and she said she would come once. I got invited to a Mishpocago (the J4J 20s group) BBQ last Friday night and I invited her to come with me. She came and was reunited with a couple of her childhood friends (also I made Vicky’s grape salad). She enjoyed herself and said she would come with me to Devar the next day, but then she wanted to go check out Adat the next week, since some of her old friends still go there. Anyway, she came with me to Devar and said she would probably come back every once in a while, but still wanted to go check out Adat. By Saturday night she had joined the Devar group on Facebook. Once something is on Facebook it is official, so I asked her about it and she said she would start coming every week. Yay!!! This is also exciting because it means I only have to drive every other week, so it’s going to save a ton of money on gas! Also she loves Bakers Square just as much as I do and we had lunch there yesterday!!

It’s strange with so many of the 20s people gone. Aimee came back, Noam will be gone this week. Then next week Noam, Steve, and Nate will all be back, but we’ll still be missing three people. Anyway, I counted and I know 15 people that will be in Israel at some point this summer.

Miri got a job with United and will be training in Chicago for seven weeks, starting next month. If she doesn’t have to train on Saturday mornings she will be coming to Devar with me. Ironically, she won’t be able to take off to go to the UMJC conference. My Dad asked me if I could help out with security, at least for a couple hours. I said only if I can wear my hat and he said okay, so I’m very excited about that hehe.

The air conditioning at Devar broke and they won’t be able to fix it until next month, so Kirk told everyone to pray for cold weather. However, this is bad, because 1) The Cubs are a warm weather team 2) I’m pasty and need to lay in the sun!

Noam liked my Cubs entry and wants to use it in a sermon yay.

I missed the game on Saturday because I was on my way back. It sucks when the announcer on the radio says “I can’t really explain what’s going on right now” and all you hear is the crowd yelling in the background and you don’t know why Lou Piniella is being ejected. Anyway, I love YouTube, because I can now see everything I missed, except for the fans throwing their trash on the field in protest.

And it’s strange to me he would be suspended for less games than Lou.

Anyway, they brought Felix Pie back up this weekend and I’m very happy, because I love him. I was very sad when they sent him back down to the minors. They’ve won three out of four games he has been back for. Alfonso Soriano does a lot better when Felix Pie is in the lineup (according to the announcers, Len and Bob). Today Felix hit a double, came home, hit a three run homer, then hit a single, stole second base, and came home. We wound up with a total of six runs and five were because of him. Hooray for people born in February 1985 !

Red Robin pushed my training back by a week, so I don’t get to start making money til next week.

I was able to switch my at CLC class to an online class, so now I don’t have to drive out there at all. Which will 1) save a ton on gas and miles on my sick car and 2) open up more shift opportunities for me.

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda wanna see the Transformers movie…

I tried french toast cie cream from Coldstone. It was kind of weird.

I got a new cell phone today! It’s a really good one. The only thing is my Dad had to use it to sign the contract and he fingerprinted the front screen nice and good and I can’t get rid of the fingerprints and now I have to deal with this for two years and it’s driving me crazy!!! The good news is he signed a two year contract, so I won’t have to worry about paying my phone bill for 9-10 months after I move.

Here is a picture of me and Marni from the BBQ, and my hair is curly:

Faith in The Cubs and Faith in God

If you’re not from the Northside of Chicago then you don’t understand why anyone would support a team that hasn’t won The World Series in 99 years. And if you’re an atheist, agnostic, etc then you don’t understand why anyone would believe in someone we can’t see/touch.

Cubs fans are called “the greatest fans in the world” because we stick by The Cubs no matter what. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they’ve been to The World Series, The Playoffs, or even won a game. 66-96 record in 2006—who cares? They’re The Cubs and we love them no matter how many games they don’t win. And we always will. The motto of Cubs fans is “We believe.” I always see people in the stands holding up posters they made that have The Cubs logo on it and it says “We believe.” We believe that the Cubs will win. This year is our year. Next year is our year. Doesn’t matter. They’re going to win. We know they will. This dry spell can’t last forever. So much faith in something that we have no guarantee about.

Yet some of the same people that stick by The Cubs after such a horrible record, completely lose faith in God after one thing in their life goes wrong, whether it’s big or small. Start doubting, stop believing. “How can this happen to me? Why would God let this happen to me? There must not be a God or this would not be happening to me.” And then that’s it. No more faith. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Why not believe that? Why believe The Cubs will win and not believe God exists? Why have so much faith in a team that is notorious for losing? Game after game after game and it’s still “It’s okay, it’s only one game. We’ll win next time. It’ll be okay.” But someone gets sick, loses a job, dies, and it’s not “It’s okay, it’s just one thing, it will be okay,” it’s “I give up on God.” What am I missing here?

I promise you, if you are a Cubs fan, like me, you have been let down more times by The Cubs than you have been by God. You don’t realise that, because The Cubs losing is part of life and if The Cubs lose, it’s just another day. But people don’t realise that if life lets you down it’s part of life and it is just another day and you shouldn’t take it out on God, because life lets everyone down sometimes.

It’s okay to believe so strongly that the Cubs will win, but what’s the point in having so much faith in something if you don’t have any faith in God?

According to Facebook I was in serious relationships with five different girls in the year 2005. I’ve had seven total hookups, 14 relationships, and I have four parents and eight children. I’ve had six Facebook relationships (that I can think of), including two marriages and a relationship with your Mom.

StringMusic06 (11:16:14 PM): omg there are palm trees on the beach
StringMusic06 (11:16:14 PM): WTF
Jami86e (11:16:21 PM): at lake michigan??
StringMusic06 (11:16:24 PM): ya….
Jami86e (11:16:28 PM): since when?
StringMusic06 (11:16:29 PM): they planted them there
Jami86e (11:16:32 PM): dude
Jami86e (11:16:36 PM): they’re not fake?
StringMusic06 (11:16:39 PM): i guess they do it every summer
StringMusic06 (11:16:41 PM): no they’re real
Jami86e (11:16:50 PM): that’s so stupid, they’re gonna die
StringMusic06 (11:17:13 PM): ya they take them down in the winter
StringMusic06 (11:17:15 PM): i don’t understand
Jami86e (11:17:29 PM): that’s ridiculous
Jami86e (11:17:32 PM): chicago is ridiculous
StringMusic06 (11:17:34 PM): ya i know
StringMusic06 (11:17:35 PM): haha