StringMusic06 (11:16:14 PM): omg there are palm trees on the beach
StringMusic06 (11:16:14 PM): WTF
Jami86e (11:16:21 PM): at lake michigan??
StringMusic06 (11:16:24 PM): ya….
Jami86e (11:16:28 PM): since when?
StringMusic06 (11:16:29 PM): they planted them there
Jami86e (11:16:32 PM): dude
Jami86e (11:16:36 PM): they’re not fake?
StringMusic06 (11:16:39 PM): i guess they do it every summer
StringMusic06 (11:16:41 PM): no they’re real
Jami86e (11:16:50 PM): that’s so stupid, they’re gonna die
StringMusic06 (11:17:13 PM): ya they take them down in the winter
StringMusic06 (11:17:15 PM): i don’t understand
Jami86e (11:17:29 PM): that’s ridiculous
Jami86e (11:17:32 PM): chicago is ridiculous
StringMusic06 (11:17:34 PM): ya i know
StringMusic06 (11:17:35 PM): haha

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