“Paris Hilton told her lawyer she plans to use this time in jail to think about how she can make the world a better place. So far all she has come up with is to stay in jail.” -Conan O’Brien

So a while ago I met this girl, Katie, on Facebook. We’ve talked online several times. She was raised Messianic but her family hasn’t gone anywhere in 10 years and she’s been out of touch that long. She also left InterVarsity after several years for the same reason I left Campus House. And we know several people in common, since she lives in Buffalo Grove. Anyway, I asked her if she would like to come to Devar with me and she said she would come once. I got invited to a Mishpocago (the J4J 20s group) BBQ last Friday night and I invited her to come with me. She came and was reunited with a couple of her childhood friends (also I made Vicky’s grape salad). She enjoyed herself and said she would come with me to Devar the next day, but then she wanted to go check out Adat the next week, since some of her old friends still go there. Anyway, she came with me to Devar and said she would probably come back every once in a while, but still wanted to go check out Adat. By Saturday night she had joined the Devar group on Facebook. Once something is on Facebook it is official, so I asked her about it and she said she would start coming every week. Yay!!! This is also exciting because it means I only have to drive every other week, so it’s going to save a ton of money on gas! Also she loves Bakers Square just as much as I do and we had lunch there yesterday!!

It’s strange with so many of the 20s people gone. Aimee came back, Noam will be gone this week. Then next week Noam, Steve, and Nate will all be back, but we’ll still be missing three people. Anyway, I counted and I know 15 people that will be in Israel at some point this summer.

Miri got a job with United and will be training in Chicago for seven weeks, starting next month. If she doesn’t have to train on Saturday mornings she will be coming to Devar with me. Ironically, she won’t be able to take off to go to the UMJC conference. My Dad asked me if I could help out with security, at least for a couple hours. I said only if I can wear my hat and he said okay, so I’m very excited about that hehe.

The air conditioning at Devar broke and they won’t be able to fix it until next month, so Kirk told everyone to pray for cold weather. However, this is bad, because 1) The Cubs are a warm weather team 2) I’m pasty and need to lay in the sun!

Noam liked my Cubs entry and wants to use it in a sermon yay.

I missed the game on Saturday because I was on my way back. It sucks when the announcer on the radio says “I can’t really explain what’s going on right now” and all you hear is the crowd yelling in the background and you don’t know why Lou Piniella is being ejected. Anyway, I love YouTube, because I can now see everything I missed, except for the fans throwing their trash on the field in protest.

And it’s strange to me he would be suspended for less games than Lou.

Anyway, they brought Felix Pie back up this weekend and I’m very happy, because I love him. I was very sad when they sent him back down to the minors. They’ve won three out of four games he has been back for. Alfonso Soriano does a lot better when Felix Pie is in the lineup (according to the announcers, Len and Bob). Today Felix hit a double, came home, hit a three run homer, then hit a single, stole second base, and came home. We wound up with a total of six runs and five were because of him. Hooray for people born in February 1985 !

Red Robin pushed my training back by a week, so I don’t get to start making money til next week.

I was able to switch my at CLC class to an online class, so now I don’t have to drive out there at all. Which will 1) save a ton on gas and miles on my sick car and 2) open up more shift opportunities for me.

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda wanna see the Transformers movie…

I tried french toast cie cream from Coldstone. It was kind of weird.

I got a new cell phone today! It’s a really good one. The only thing is my Dad had to use it to sign the contract and he fingerprinted the front screen nice and good and I can’t get rid of the fingerprints and now I have to deal with this for two years and it’s driving me crazy!!! The good news is he signed a two year contract, so I won’t have to worry about paying my phone bill for 9-10 months after I move.

Here is a picture of me and Marni from the BBQ, and my hair is curly:


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