Bob: You know who The Cubs need in their bullpen?
Len: Who?
Bob: Ditka.

Eric Idle is working on a film adaptation of Spamalot!!!

Go to and vote for the second video. Josh Grant from manteno is one of the five finalists to interview the cast of Hairspray at the LA premiere.

Friday, Kate, her friend Megan, and I went up to Milwaukee to go to Kopps. Mmmm so good. Neither of them had had frozen custard before.The pomegranate custard was not so good thoguh, so I got vanilla. Kate, the vegtarian, had a bite of my burger. They wanted to stop at mars Cheese Castle on the way home, so we did (picture coming soon?)

Yesterday Kate and I went to Strawberry Fest in Long Grove but we didn’t eat any strawberries. I ran into someone from Devar even though he doesn’t live out here.

I went to a new eye doctor today. I told them I want to switch contact brands since the ones I have been wearing for the past 7 years make my eyes so dry. They’re ordering me new ones and they are going to be dailies instead of two weekers. This is good for several reasons: 1) I don’t have to worry about cleaning them. I just throw them out at the end of the day. There won’t be any build up and I am less likely to have a reocurrance of Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. 2) No more buying $15 bottles of cleaning solution. 3) Won’t have to throw them out if they tear and feel bad because I still had another at least week left on them (that’s only happened to me twice in 7 years). 4) I don’t wear contacts everyday and the two weekers need to be thrown out after two weeks whether o not you wear them. Dailies are more expensive but if I don’t wear them everyday they will last a lot longer.

It also turns out I have an astigmatism in both eyes, which I was never told before. They gave me samples of my new contact prescription, and now after taking them out and putting on my glasses everything is blurry and my eyes hurt so much, so I will need to get a new glasses prescription as well, and soon because of my online classes.

Today was my first shift at work. They had told me I would be starting with small sections. I get to work to find out I have five tables in my section and there is only one other server on for like an hour…what?? Anyway, it wound up being super slow and I had about five tables all night, including four parties of two and one party of one. The other was a party of four including two kids. All but one of the tables tipped me 20% and the other tipped me 25%. The table that tipped me 25% said they would have left me Cubs tickets but didn’t have any. the 25% was less than $7.00, but it’s the thought that counts and it made me happy. Anyway, including my $3.90/hr, it averaged to about $12/hr and I only worked for 3.5 hours. As much as I want/need to make money, I need to start slow. I picked up a shift tomorrow. One of the [Mexican] cooks asked me if I have a boyfriend and kept calling me bonita. Shocking. One of my Jewish coworkers wanted to go on a date and or hook up with me…even though he has a girlfriend. They’re in “an open relationship.” I honestly considered it since it’s been so long since I kissed anyone (also a coworker who had a girlfriend…except he had told me they broke up…), however I promised myself I wouldn’t kiss anyone I woudln’t date, again. Yay, go me!

We are supposed to abbreviate when we take orders so that it goes faster. Melissa told me a few days ago she thinks Freckled Lemonade looks like chum. She’s right. My abbreviated for Freckled Lemonade is now “chum.” It is so much easier than “Strw lem” or something. Plus it amuses me hehe.

I came home to a Cubs game with a score of 6-3 Cubs and they got two more runs shortly after. At the top of the 9th inning our wonderful bullpen gave up 6 runs, making the score 9-8 Rockies. A crazed fan somehow got onto the field and was running towards Bob Howry, probably to punch him for giving up runs (even though Scott Eyre gave up more runs, but Bob Howry was the one on the mound at the time) and wa sonly a few feet away from him when security got him. He is probably in jail. At the bottom of the 9th we had one out and they bring up Koyie Hill to pinch hit. Koyie Hill who has a .125 average. It was at that time that I started praying. One more out and Alfonso Soriano comes up to bat. Apparently he had had five at bats this game and was 0 for 5. He hits a two run single, Cubs win!!! Oh man it was so great!! I started clapping even though I was by myself. Alfonso Soriano has now been voted NL player of the week and has a .480 batting average in the past 7 days. Man what a freaking great game. Not to mention Mike FOntenot was 5 for 5 for at bats. It’s funny because when they brought him up from AAA a couple weeks ago my Dad literally said “anybody, but Mike Fonetnot.” Mike Fontenot now has the highest batting average on the whole team, with a .397, with Derrek Lee in second with a .350. granted he has had fewer at bats, but he has had hits in 15 out of 16 games he has played in.

My eyes hurt so badly aaah.

I figured out why the sauce that comes with onion rings at work is called Campfire Sauce. it is made of children who fall into campfires.

Dear crazed fan who ran onto the field to try to punch Bob Howry:

Leave the punching to the players. I know Michael Barrett is gone now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be anymore fights. From now on, please only attend White Sox games, so that you may be amongst your own people.


  1. one day you will get a shout out so amazing, ya i don’t know…hahahha.

    next entry will be ENTIRELY devoted to you. ahhahah.

    oh ya chralotte russe called me back. might have a job?

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