“If Kerry Wood ever pitches again I will eat my own face.” -Josh

“…but when I got to be around 13, 14, I matured and realised there was more to life than sports, like girls.” -Noam

Jami: hey, can you help me?
Ross: I’m much too self involved to care about anyone else.

Bradley: So how’s my mental health?
Jami: Well…you go to school in Indiana…
Bradley: So probably not so good then.

I went to Gurnee Mills the other day for a mango fruit freeze and happened to see that Zach Raymer was working [at Rainforest] so I went in to say hi and I felt really dirty being there. I spent the whole time trying to avoid Veronica, who wound up seeing me and saying hi haha. Anyway we are probably going to hang out soon. Yay! He asked me if I still talk to Kristel and that made me happy, since most people always asked me WHY I was friends with her. He and Dan were the only ones who understood.

Waiting tables is…interesting. Especially when stupid 14 year old girls leave you a 60 cent tip. Jerks. I wound up on a double yesterday, because I picked up a shift for the brother of someone because I ‘f*cked with the wrong person.’ Haha. But he said if I picked up the shift he would call off the planned torturing and we can double team everyone. It was stressful to have four tables at one time, but it was extra money. People keep leaving me 10% or less even though I haven’t messed up their food and I bring them what they want when they want it. Plus they live in Lincolnshire so I know they can afford it. People have told me that a lot of people are just stingy and it’s not me, but I still take it personally.

After services today, Beth, Amy Moore, Amy Stein, and I went to Pizzafest in Lincoln Park. The web site said there would be 10-15 pizza vendors there and pizza for $1. The web site lied. There were three choices, one of which didn’t have normal toppings, and the slices were $2-$3. Amy Stein and I opted for the $3 slice because they were HUGE. Some guy in line ahead of us thought I was in high school haha. By the time we got there they had run out and had to make more. When they gace us the slices they were so tiny and they handed a huge one to someone else at the same time. I said I’m not paying $3 for something that small when someone else is paying $3 for something twice the size and I was going to walk away but the manager heard and told the girl to just give them to us for free. It was just alright and I burnt my mouth. Then I got a $2 slice from the other place, which was also just alright. But essentially i did wind up with $1 pizza, since I got two pieces for $2. Then Beth and I split the most amazing piña colada ever, since I couldn’t decide which of the 24 flavours of sno cone I wanted. I enetered to win Cubs vs. Mets tickets and also got a free Comcast Sportsnet Cubs t-shirt with Deep Dish the dog wearing a Cubs hat. And I made an executive decision to now refer to pizza as ‘za.’ Man I could go for another piña colada. I’m so buying a Bacardi mixer tomorrow and making my own.

One thing that’s really been bothering me this week is Paco. Paco is my co-worker who wanted to date or hook up with me. Paco’s real name is not actually Paco, but I want to change his name, should any of my coworkers happen upon this page, since he probably tlaks like this to all the girls we work with and I am probably the only one to make a big deal out of it. He is not Mexican and his name does not start with a P. Anyway, what had happened was we were standing around since neither of us had any tables and he was asking me all these questions, what town do I live in, which high school did I go to, how old am I, etc. He asked me if I wanted to hang out after work so we made plans to go to his house and watch “Waiting…” since he has never seen it. Then he asked me if I was dating anyone and I said no. I figured he was still just making conversation. Then he said you know I have a girlfriend, right? He is my Facebook friend, so I did know this so I said yes. Then he said and you know we’re in an open relationship, right? I said yes. Then he asked if that’s okay with me. I said I guess, I mean, what do I care. And then I was like wait, could he possibly mean that in a different way so I asked him what he meant and he said “like if I took you out on a date.” And I said no. Then he asked me how bout hooking up and I said I’m not into that. It was strange because


Okay, anyway, it was strange because I always see him flirting with other girls and I didn’t think he was interested in me. Anyway, he’s pretty touchy feely and I honestly like the attention…from him, not from creepy guys. Anyway, after work he ‘suddenly remembered’ he had told other people he would hang out with them blah blah blah. I thought maybe he was mad because I won’t go on a date or hook up with him. I asked him if he was mad and he said no. But I feel like he’s been paying less attention to me since then, however he did roll silverware with me yesterday. He also called me beautiful yesterday, making him the first non creepy guy to ever call me that. This also makes me want to change my mind. I don’t like him, but he’s nice and he’s cute and he’s Jewish. And apparently his girlfriend is okay with him dating other people and I don’t want a relationship but gah. I’ve been up and back about it so much over the past few days (however he does not know that). Then this morning in the sermon Noam was talking about like being out and on your way home for dinner knowing your Mom made a steak for you, but you are so hungry that you stop for a Big Mac, even though there is a steak waiting for you. That helped me make my final decision. I like Big Macs but they’re so bad for you. And I know if I had a Big Mac when I knew there was a steak waiting for me I would feel really bad about myself. And it is not fair to the steak either. Paco is a Big Mac. Anyway, I was looking at his pictures on Facebook, since I like looking at pictures of what I cna’t have, for some reason haha. His girlfriend is so beautiful, I don’t understand why he would want to date anyone else. I don’t understand why he would want to date anyone else anyway, since he is technically in a relationship. I also saw a couple pics of him wearing a Sox hat, so that did me in as well, especially since he had told me he’s not a baseball fan. LIAR! Haha. So yeah, no kissing or dating for me anytime soon. Gotta wait for the steak, even fi I’m waiting a long time. I know I’m making the right decision.

Also, minimum wage goes up today (Sunday) so I will now be making $4.50/hr huzzah!!



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