And if dreams were all that mattered you’d be miles away from here

“Not to sound stalkerish, but I drove past his house every hour just to see if he was home.” -I overheard Marni saying this to someone on the phone. Nobody tell her I put that in here.

I’m not afraid of clowns, but turning into your subdivision and seeing one driving a car is definitely kind of scary.

After talking with a couple people who have gone on Birthright, I realise now it was a blessing in disguise that I got turned down. I heard that basically the entire trip is about drinking, smoking, and sex. So I would have been miserable.

I walked into the kitchen at work the other day and one of the cooks said “??¡Hola, novia!!” Oy. Please, no.

So even though I get along with everyone at work really well and haven’t had any problems with anyone, I’m making a not that I do not have any friends there. I don’t care if people don’t invite me somewhere but to invite literally everyone except me and talk about it in front of me…come on. And it’s not like they forgot to invite me, because I literally heard someone say “Jami’s right here…” Seriously? People ask me how I can just move to CA without even thinking twi ce about it. It’s because EVERYBODY is like this to me. People at school, people at work. It’s been that way since…it’s ALWAYS been that way…since 2nd grade, no lie. THAT is how I can leave. It would be so stupid for me to stay here.

Despite that, I somehow managed to make $89 in tips in three hours, and that’s AFTER the $9 tip out and not including the $4.50 hourly wage. Which is really strange, because my sales were $319, so that’s way over 20%, but when I counted I really thought almost every table had left me 20% or less. And I counted the money 3 times, so I know how much was there. But I think I deserve it, since I’ve been making really crappy tips. I don’t understand why, because I haven’t messed up anybody’s order and I bring people what they want when they want it so there is absoilutely no reason people should be leaving me less than 15%, especially less than 10%. Anyway, hopefully the large amounts of tips will continue.

Jenny waited on one of The Bears players tonight and she felt bad for carding him haha.

They said on the radio today that The Cubs have the best record in all of baseball in games played since June 3.


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