Holy crap. In California the minimum wage for tipped employees is the same for non tipped employees. By the time I move out there it will be $8.00. The plan now is to hopefully be able to work at Red Robin there (in the two weeks I have been working there, nobody has quit or been fired. In a two week period at Rainforest generally two people would quit and one person would be fired. On average). I’ve been mostly getting really crappy tips but on the worst shifts I make about $10/hr in tips, plus the $4.50 hourly wage. So if I work at Red Robin when I move and I make the same crappy tips that I make here, I should be making an average of $18/hr. If I work even 30 hours a week that’s $540 a week, $2140/month, which is definitely enough to live on, even in San Diego. Oh man. That’s freaking fantastic. Let’s hope I can still work there then!!


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