I had such a bad night at work tonight. I can’t even remember how many years it’s been since was so upset that I couldn’t stop crying when I was around other people. (Okay it was three years ago, the first time I put in my two weeks at Six Flags, but still, it’s been a long time).

I was supposed to be on the patio but it was storming and someone wanted to go home so I took her section inside. It was a really good section. The best I have had yet. Five tables, but it’s Monday night and Monday nights are dead, so I wouldn’t have to worry about having a full section (five tables). Right now I can handle four tables at one time, but they have been parties of five or less. For some reason it was really busy tonight. I had two or three tables when they pushed table 44 and 45 together to make room for a party of eight. There was only one guy at the big table. He was waiting for the rest of his party. he ordered a drink and an appetizer and said he would be fine until the rest of his party got there. So I was working on the other tables. 20 minutes later his party finally gets there and they decide to move to table 94. You don’t need to know the layout of Red Robin to figure out the proximity of table 45 and 94. Since he had already ordered a drink and food it was on my number so I had to take it (although now I am being told I could have had it transfered). So not only is 94 far away from my section, it’s on the other side of the bar so I couldn’t even see it from my section. Not long after they move I get sat with a party of 10. I would have asked for someone else to take it, but I realised how much money I could make off of them. So because of that one table that moved I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and can’t pay the attention that I need to my tables. So four or five tables, INCLUDING the party of eight left me less than 10%. Their bill was almost $84 and I got $8.00. I think they are probably smart enough to realise that they were nowhere near my section. That plus their food was not messed up and I brought them refills. There is absolutely NO reason they should have left me that crappy of a tip. Seriously. So if those crappy tips aren’t bad enough, I had another table later that was even better. Everything was going great, they had asked me for some things I brought them saltines, drinks, brought their soup out first, like they asked, etc, etc, and the party of eight had left so I could pay attention to this table. Then I was bringing dishes into the kitchen and some guests sitting at a table near the kitchen stopped me and randomly asked me if Katie Couric was married. Also one of them was wearing a Cubs hat and a Billy Goat Tavern t-shirt, so I asked him about that, because that is just weird. It turns out his family is friends with the Sianis family. I asked him if he noticed the Aflac commercial with a billy goat in it that they keep showing on Comcast Sportsnet during Cubs games. He told me I should e-mail Len and Bob about it. That’s a good point. Anyway, while I was talking to them, the other table’s food came out. They way it works at Red Robin is whoever is standing near the line brings the food out. So I did not bring my table their food. They were really angry that i didn’t bring them their food. I told them that we don’t always bring the food out and they said I couldn’t bring it out because I was talking. Well I don’t even know those people, so it’s not like I was just standing around talking to my friends or co-workers. Anyway, they were so angry they told a manager and he had to comp their whole meal. And they did not leave me a tip. Not even a couple dollars. NOTHING.

The only good thing is that everyone else was finished before I was so by the time I was finished with my tables and sidwork there was no more silverware to roll.

Thank God for the party of 10 that left me $27. My sales were $478, which si the highest they have ever been. I should walked out with at LEAST $75. After tipping out $15, I walked out with $50. INCLUDING the $27 from the party of 10.

At least I figured out who at work cares about me. You can tell when someone follows you into the bathroom to see if you’re okay.

After a Red Baron deep dish single and a free Freckled Lemonade, I am feeling better, but it was a very stressful night.

“If a foul ball was coming towards Geroge W. Bush, would he move to the left to get it or only to the right?” -Bob Brenly


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