Aaaaaah I’m having a dilemma. Throughout my life I’ve had several shows that I would have, at the time, considered to be my favorite. The Real World is definitely one of them. I always wanted to be on it, even when I was 12. I obviously wasn’t old enough to watch it when it first started airing in 1992, but thanks to reruns, I have probably seen every episode from seasons 1993-2003, with the exception of the second half of New Orleans, because there was too much sex I did not want to watch it anymore, plus the Real World movie they made which was so fake and just awful. Anyway, in 2003 I was finally old enough to audition. I was so excited, because I had been waiting for this moment for 6 or 7 years. A a month or two before the audition date I saw The E! True Hollywood Story on it. After hearing Irene from Seattle (btw I do NOT look like her) talk about the REAL reason she left* before the end of the season, I decided not only did I NOT want to be a a part of this, but I would not support it. I have not watched one single episode of Real World, Road Rules, or RW/RR Challenge since then. Yes, I gave up watching a show hosted by Johnny Moseley. So I have not watched it since then, so I have now missed the last five seasons. Anyway, the season premiere for the next one is August 8. It was filmed in Sydney. I kind of want to watch it, just because of where it was filmed and I would love to be around that accent again. So I am trying to decide if I want to go against what I believe in, because I love the accent so much, or if I should just forget about the accent and stick to my guns. Any opinions?

*MTV claimed she left because she had Lyme Disease, but the real reason she left is because the producers would pull her aside and say a certain cast member said something not so nice about her and when they asked about her the person rolled their eyes, and they would do this all the time. The reason I decided not to audition is because I can ruin relationships on my own, I do not need any outside help.

P.S. I should be asleep, but instead I am half watching the My Super Sweet 16 Blingest Bash Countdown (which is how I found out about the premiere of Real World Sydney). I don’t even like this show, but I want to see how much the number one one cost. But I love this:
SNL Scarlett Johansson Sweet 16

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And this quote, which I stole from David’s Facebook profile:
“When future civilizations study the rise and fall of the American empire, they’ll point to decadence, arrogance, and ignorance as the reasons for our undoing. Defenders of our culture will say that there were fine people who lived here once — intelligent, rational people. And a recording of [My Super Sweet 16] will be played in response, and the debate will be over.” -Ollie

Jami86e (2:41:29 AM): you know those girls on my super sweet 16 and how much you want to punch them in the head?
AxlRoseJr83 (2:41:46 AM): Yes.
AxlRoseJr83 (2:41:52 AM): Dear Lord, yes.


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