Please pray for this person, he needs it. He really freaking needs it. More than anybody else I know.

Jami86e (11:57:54 PM): i have a proposition
Jami86e (11:58:04 PM): and you don’t have to say yes
***** (11:58:13 PM): ok whats up
Jami86e (11:58:27 PM): i would like you to come to synagogue with me, even if it’s just once
***** (11:59:01 PM): um weird but why
Jami86e (11:59:10 PM): because i think it would be good for you
Jami86e (11:59:18 PM): and you’re jewish, you should at least go once ya know?
***** (11:59:27 PM): why are you asking me now
***** (11:59:33 PM): are YOU drunk
Jami86e (11:59:33 PM): i dunno, why not?
Jami86e (11:59:36 PM): i don’t drink
Jami86e (12:00:02 AM): i was just thinking about it this morning i dunno why
Jami86e (12:00:42 AM): you get free lunch if you go haha
***** (12:00:55 AM): lol when
Jami86e (12:01:00 AM): saturday morning
Jami86e (12:01:02 AM): i’ll even drive
***** (12:01:06 AM): next sat?
Jami86e (12:01:14 AM): well it’s every saturday
Jami86e (12:01:28 AM): except two weeks form today because we have a conference
Jami86e (12:01:30 AM): from*
***** (12:02:20 AM): i dont think so i dunno i just dont know really
Jami86e (12:02:28 AM): why not?
***** (12:03:20 AM): um i dont want to
Jami86e (12:03:24 AM): why not?
***** (12:03:30 AM): becuase i dont want to
Jami86e (12:03:38 AM): you don’t have a reason you just don’t want to
Jami86e (12:03:46 AM): would you go if *** **** was there?
***** (12:03:49 AM): no
***** (12:03:51 AM): i love ***
***** (12:03:52 AM): but no
Jami86e (12:03:57 AM): i don’t understand why not
Jami86e (12:04:02 AM): i want a reason
Jami86e (12:04:08 AM): and don’t yell at me cuz i’ll yell right back
***** (12:04:26 AM): i dont owe you an explanation
***** (12:04:27 AM): thats ridiculous
Jami86e (12:04:35 AM): you don’t but i’m asking
***** (12:04:41 AM): and i gave you mine
***** (12:04:44 AM): saying i dont want to go
Jami86e (12:04:52 AM): that’s not a reason
Jami86e (12:05:16 AM): if you asked me why i didn’t wanna do something and i gave you that answer you wouldn’t accept that
Jami86e (12:05:20 AM): i know you wouldn’t
***** (12:05:50 AM): yeah but not about that its my damn business not yours
Jami86e (12:05:58 AM): k whatever
Jami86e (12:06:05 AM): i’ll pray for you
***** (12:06:49 AM): stop it with the guilty crap seriously your gonna really make me mad
***** (12:06:54 AM): and im not gonna talk to you
Jami86e (12:06:58 AM): i’m not trying to make you feel guilty
***** (12:07:04 AM): dont say another word about this
Jami86e (12:07:13 AM): okay


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