I saw Hairpsray last night ($6.50 tix from Red Robin, baby!!!). My review will be at the end.

The UMJC conference is this week. The 20s are going WHIRLYBALLING!!!

Friday morning I opened at work. This means I had to cut the lemons. I cut 86 lemons. It should have been 88, but apparently I can’t count. So to make it faster, you use The Wedgemaster. No, there is no number after it, it is just plan old Wedgemaster, though I think it would be better if it were Wedgemaster 2000 or something. Anyway, i was thinking “Man it would suck if I cut myself on this thing” (mostly because you really can’t) and the next thing I know the thing bites me. I think I part of my hand got pinched in it or something. But I now have a blood blister. I’m very lucky it hasn’t bled yet, especially at that time. If it bleeds I have to wear a bandaid at work which means I have to wear a glove and I don’t want that. I wear a bandaid not at work, but I can get away with not wearing one too.

Friday night I drove out to the city for a Mishpocago pot luck Shabbat dinner. I made mandel bread and received lots of compliments on it. I served myself some salad and right after it was on my plate I noticed little specs of dark red/brown…could it be…could it really be…YES! BACON! BACON IN MY SALAD! AT A SHABBAT DINNER!! Seriously??? Who does that??? It was very clear that whoever made it had gone out of their way to put bacon bits in the salad. So I had to transfer my other food onto a different plate then throw that plate out. I’m lucky it didn’t touch my other food. Jeez. So then I tell a couple people there’s bacon in the salad and word gets around and the girl who brought the salad came up to me and said she’s sorry and she should have announced there was bacon in the salad. Ya think??!?! Seriously, who does that? We also played telephone charades and now I want to play chain murder mystery but it’s too hard to teach to beginners.


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