So Whirlyballing fell through, but we will be going during the 20s conference…supposedly. Instead we are going to rob a convenience store to help finance the Messianic birthright.

I’ve met several people who have gone on birthright…with Shorashim. What the crap? Seriously. One of them was even a leader. He told me I should try with a different program. He asked me which program turned me down and I said Shorashim. He then proceeded to tell me if Shorashim turned me down he has no advice for me.

I also met someone who couldn’t tell I was Jewish, but could tell I’m Russian. ???

Also it turns out all the information I was given about the 20s conference before is FALSE. The officialy information is that it’s in Skokie at the Double Tree (I know exactly where that is) and while 40 minutes away from here, still close enough to commute. I may be super tired, but I won’t have to pay for a room. Also, it’s not the first weekend in January, it’s February 22-24. Nice birthday present!

Cubbies = 2.0 games out!


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