“Messianic Judaism is supposed to be a bridge. A bridge is only effective when it’s being walked on.” -Rabbi Jamie Cowen

“Sarah!!” How Elisha Chernoff greeted me the second time we met

“When I get married I’M going to be the something old.” -A girl at the conference

“Is this really a productive use of your time?…in bed.” -Facebook fortune cookie

The conference is over. It was nothing like I expected. First of all the 20s program was the suck. We had only three workshops and they were like nothing. Friday night we were invited to worship with the high schoolers and I realised why most of the 20s had been attending their sessions instead of ours. Second of all, pretty much everyone knew each other already and seemed pretty set on only talking to their friends. I only had a handful of people go out of their way to talk to me, and two of them because I’m Miri’s ex wife. I thought I would come out of this with some new friends, but apparently I was wrong. I did make one new friend, who actually lives here…and goes to B’nai. So there is one person my age there haha. We went out to dinner last night. We tried to go to Big Bowl but there was a 40 minute wait and we only had an hour, so we went to Red Robin. I had a half Cobb salad (no bacon…or tomatoes or olives) and it was amazing, but I realised I should only eat there when I get my discount. It really wasn’t worth $10. It was also my first time eating eggs since that fateful morn on May 4. And I didn’t even think to ask how much Nikki left for Molly…oops. Hopefully it was a good tip.

Anyway I hope the 20s conference will be different.

Also I sat through the longest torah service of my life on Saturday. English should be read and not chanted.

We had karaoke last night. I sang “I got You Babe” with Noam. Had free pizza from the hotel (FYI all the food at this hotel is awful) then got bored so Nikki and I left.

Oh and Wednesday night they had a little bit of dessert for the 20s. They had chocolate covered strawberries, which had been the Facebook gift of the day the day before and I had wanted one since. Yay!

I was told I should come visit San Diego several times before I move, but I can’t, and that just made me sad.

I’m really happy Yachad is having a Birthright in two years. They told me they’ve already had a sizeable donation. it’s not enough to make the trip free, but it will be very inexpensive. Plus they still have two more years to somehow get money. They said there will be a couple hundred people on this trip. Yay!

Cubs = 1.5 games out.


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