FACT: The first person to ever hit a home run in the Israeli Baseball League is Messianic.

One of our managers was limping last week and one of the hosts asked him if he burned his foot on a Foreman Grill.

Friday morning I walked out of work with $12 in tips. Thanks, in part, to the guy who stiffed me. I missed the not having to tip out mark by <$5.

Saturday I was scheduled to start at 4pm in section 9. The deal is, the higher your section number is (up to 11), the sooner you will get cut. On the way to work I very casually prayed to make up for the $12 I had made the day before, but I very casually pray about a lot of things thoughout the day (ie, “Please, God, let The Cubs win tonight.”), so it’s pretty much sub conscious…and usually selfish. Anyway, I get to work and for some reason had been switched to section 5. No explanation. Didn’t think anything of it. Then later I realised it meant I would be able to stay on the clock longer, because I was in a smaller sized section. Realised this is the answer to my prayer. Even with four tables in my section and two of them were two tops, I walked out with $96 in tips…and that was AFTER the $21 I tipped out. Yesterday I made $41 and today I made $52. With the hourly wage included, I that’s about $257 since Saturday. My monthly rent (at school) is $295.

I’m scheduled to work every day this week. I have two days I can work next week. I’m hoping that I will be able to get two months worth of rent (retroactive to Saturday) in that time.

I still messing up in school. Still messed up this summer. There’s a possibility I may not have financial aid this semester. I got a letter saying I won’t have it, but the web site says I do. I wanted to see if I could get a job down at school to work at least a couple shifts a week. I’m taking 17 hours at Eastern and one class online from CLC. I don’t know how I would be able to do it. I mean I could if I really tried, but I feel God is telling me to just work on my classes and to not worry about the money. Even though I’m still screwing up majorly, for the first time I feel like everything is going to be okay. I got into a class that was full. The only problem is it meets on Tuesday nights. So I am hoping Psychology Club will be meeting on a different night this semester, because I finally gave in and decided to run for fundrasing chair, after being pressured into it.

I decided to move next Thursday. I don’t want to be in Charleston that early, but if I move Friday then I have to leave really early in the morning. If I sleep in I will be moving in on Shabbat. I can’t move in on Saturday because it’s Shabbat. I can’t move in on Sunday, because it’s the day before classes start. I also may have to come back the next day for a Bar Mitzvah, but hopefully not. I thought about coming home Labour Day weekend and Fall break weekend to work, but I don’t want to pay for gas. I also thought about coming home for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippuer, but, again, gas.

Speaking of gas, I heard a rumour it’s $2.67 in Charleston. And by rumour I mean gasbuddy.com.

Wednesday I went to The Museum of Science and Industry with Faith, who had never been there before. We went to the CSI exhibit, which was a huge disappointment. They have threee murders to be solved and they assign one of them to you. We got the boring one. And there were a lot of inconsistencies in the case. SPOILER: the answer was the guy’s ex wife murdered him. They knew this because they found her dog’s hair and pollen from plants she grows at the scene of the crime. No mention about fingerprints on the gun. Also they said she shot him from behind, but the bullet hole was in the front of his head. Ridiculous.

Also I found a United Airlines doll that looks exactly like Miri. So creepy. I didn’t want to spend that much money on her, but I decided if there was a doll that looked just like me I would want someone to buy it for me. When the girl at the cash register gave me a pen to sign the receipt, she didn’t realise she had handed me the pen that is not actually a pen, but one that shocks people. So I had a not so nice surprise when I tried to push the end to open it. You laugh now, but it’s not as funny when you are the person it happens to.

Thursday I got a free gourmet cheeseburger and fries from work. I, along with four other of the newer people, had to get “smiling burger certified.” Which means we had to learn to make and put together a gourmet cheeseburger. They kept telling us we wouldn’t be eating the burgers, but I had a feeling that was not true, so I put as little mayo on it as I possibly could. Then when they said I could eat it, I wiped off the rest of the mayo, added mustard, never knew it was ever there. Mmmm.

Friday a bird pooped on my car, so I took it to the showchoir car wash on Saturday. It started raining literally less than a half hour after I drove away. We also had just had our driveway done, so now they have to redo it.

Friday night I went to the city to meet up with Miri to give her the doll. We were going to get Chicago style pizza and go to Grant Park and John Hancock, but things did not work out as planned. Grant Park was closed to the public, because Lollapalooza was there, and there were almost two hour waits at both Lou Malnati’s and Gino’s. We did get to go to Hancock though. Apparently I had never been there before. I think you need to be a tourist to feel you got your money’s worth. Oh well.

Last night I went to the Cubs game with my Dad and Marni (for my 3rd time in the city in a period of five days…crazy). I’m not quite sure why Marni wanted to go, because she doesn’t follow baseball, has absolutely no idea what’s going on, couldn’t name any of the players, and wanted to leave in the 6th or 7th inning. Anyway, I did not want to go last night. Jason Marquis against Tom Glavine trying to get his 300th career win. I had a REALLY bad feeling about this game. REALLY BAD. I wanted to wait til next week, right befor I go back to school. My Dad has been going to 2-5 games per season every year since 1984 and The Cubs have never lost a game he was at, so he said we should go anyway. Whatever. I did want to see Kerry Wood’s first appearance in over a year. We wound up with really good seats. In the same section as last time (right behind home plate…but 13 rows behind where we wound up sitting after we moved) and we didn’t have to move this time. I also got to see Matt Murton from semi close up. I didn’t realise how cute he was. However my bad feeling was, very unfortunately proven to be correct. I almost CRIED when Alfonso Soriano tore his quad. Yes, TORE. And now he’s out for 4-6 weeks. FOUR. TO. SIX. WEEKS.

The good news is I am moving in less than one year!


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