I needed to make $38 tonight, including tips and hourly wage, in order to have met my goal of earning one month’s rent in four days. This is probably what I make in tips on Tuesday nights, so I figured I would be fine. For some reason we were super busy tonight. I got a $40 tip from a party of 11. Wound up walking out with $83 in tips (after tipping out $15), and made $20+ in hourly wages. So in four days I made enough for one month’s rent, one month’s electricity bill, a full tank of gas, and have about $15 left (and I worked less than 25 hours). That’s pretty freaking awesome. Man I love this job. Hopefully this will continue.

I also got pulled over for the first time tonight, which scared the crap out of me. Turns out my headlights weren’t on all the way. Apparently I’m lucky that I didn’t get a ticket, or even a warning. Well I’ve never been pulled over before, they’re not gonna give a ticket to someone with no record.

But, seriously, praise God for all this money, especially since I won’t be able to work during the year. I love this job. It’s good money, it’s easy money. God has really blessed me with this. ❤ ❤

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