Holy crap

Judge In US Delays Facebook Ruling
Updated: 08:37, Thursday July 26, 2007

A judge in the United States has delayed ruling on claims the founder of the social networking website Facebook stole his ideas from rivals.

Delay over decision
Mark Zuckerberg has been taken to court by the three creators of ConnectU.

They have accused him of fraud, copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets.

ConnectU says Zuckerberg agreed to write some code for their site when they were all students at Harvard.

But he never finished the job and then launched Facebook in 2004.

It now has 31m users compared to ConnectU’s 70,000.

Last year Facebook turned down a £500m buyout offer from Yahoo.

ConnectU wants to the court to shut down Facebook and order it to pay them its profits.

Lawyers for Facebook say Connect-U’s founders have no evidence to support their claims.

The judge adjourned the case until August 8, saying he needed more information before he could make a ruling.

“Each of them had different interests and activities,” they wrote.

“Only one of them had an idea significant enough to build a great company. That one person was Mark Zuckerberg.”


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