So yesterday we found out that the apartment does not actually come with cable, like we are pretty sure we were told. So that is an extra $30/month we have to pay, which is fine. So I call yesterday and they tell me someone will come out today between 1 and 5 and will call a half hour before they get here.

An hour ago, I was taking a nap, and I get a call from the cable guy asking when would be a good time and I said anytime, sooner than later (since The Cubs game started, now 15 minutes ago) I want to be able to watch it. So he asked if I was home now and I said yes and he said “Then why didn’t you answer your door when I knocked?” Creepy. Really creepy. So I said I was sleeping and need 10 minutes (Elizabeth was running errands so I was by myself) and he said okay. Never came back, never called back. So finally 10 minutes ago I am sick of waiting so I call MediaCom and tell them what happened. Apparently the guy called them and told them he called and said he would be here in 20 minutes then I never answered the door when he knocked, so he left. So not only is he creepy, he is also a liar. And they can’t get someone out here again until Monday AND I JUST FREAKING WANT TO WATCH TV WHY IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?


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