I suppose I should make a new entry.

On one of my last days of work one of my coworkers gave me the best compliment I have ever received in my life, which is that I should be in musicals, because I have a really good voice for them. He totally made my day. If only someone had told me that four years ago.

Wednesday night my Dad taught me to make chicken, scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs (these did not give me salmonellosis! woohoo!), and french toast.

FACT: grenadine is made from pomegranates and not cherries. Actually it’s now all chemicals, but it was never made of cherries. I was LIED to! Thanks, Wikipedia, for clearing that up!! ❤

I bought a two CD instant immersion Hebrew set that was, for some reason, in the CLC bookstore. Unfortunately, it only runs on Mac OS 9, so I had to install that, and my computer was freaking out when I was running the program. So much for that. Oh well, I can now count to 19 instead of 10. Actually I found the same one online for Mac OS X, but it costs a lot more, so I’m not sure if I will buy it. Maybe I will ask for it for Chanukah.

So the apartment is way different than I thought and is going to wind up costing a lot more than we though. All of my financial aid will be used up. Hopefully I will have enough for both semesters and this summer. This also means I will most likely not be able to get out to SD to look at apartments before I move. But I am grateful to have this money for classes and living.

I thought moving would be a huge pain, since we are on the third floor with no elevator and I have a whole car full of stuff and have like no muscles, but Josh brought almost all fo my stuff up for me in about three trips, which probably would have taken me about 10 trips. Tonight I made sloppy joes and fed him some in return heh.

The guys that live two doors down from us, Steven and Tony, have given us a lot of great tips, since they lived here last year too, as well as Steve putting our filter on our sink for me, and Tony letting me watch The Cubs game there while we didn’t have TV. I am probably going to have to do my laundry elsewhere, since they said the dryers here are awful and you have to dry your clothes twice, which means twice as much money. I will probably just put money on my panther card and do my laundry at Stevenson, instead of a laundromat. They can’t stop me.

Also, Steve brought us flowers two nights ago. He tried to convince me he bought them, but if you saw these flowers…it’s so obvious he picked them from someone’s yard haha. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

It’s about a 15 minute walk to the Physical Science building from here. Not bad at all. Though I will be driving to my tuesday night class, since you don’t need a permit to park on campus after 5pm. It’s not well lit at night over here. I think it would be ironic if someone killed me while I was walking home from my “Death and Dying” class.

Fazolis in Mattoon closed, but Wendys in Mattoon reopened.

I really like Tony Dungy. Even if he does coach The Colts.

I’m ready to graduate.

I was thinking about auditioning for the Shakespeare play here, but I am taking 21 hours, so I think I better not.


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