My landlord told me he would have my car towed if I didn’t take the Cubs decal off of it.

The Brewers need to lose, The Cardinals need to lose, and The Cubbies need to win. That’s just how it is.

I’m starting to become a real wuss when it comes to weather. A year ago I would have said perfect weather is 75º-90º. Now it’s more like 72º-77º. This week’s forecast is hot, hot, and hotter.

My Death and Dying class freaks me out. I didn’t think it would, but it really does.

I hate math. This is no secret. I figured out, if you count middle school and high school, this is 10th attempt at taking this algebra class. I tried to switch out of this to a closed section, because says this rteacher is awful, but the math department works different than the others and I was told I could not. I know everything happens for a reason, so I figured there must be some reason God wants me in this class. So I go to class and the teacher asks people why they didn’t try to take a placement test to place out of this class. A PLACEMENT TEST?! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS??? So right after class I went to find out about it. I had to talk to the chair of the department about it. He said they almost never let people take the placement test and that he didn’t think I would pass it. in fact, he told me SEVERAL times that I would not be able to pass this class, because of my grades. I’m sorry, but you don’t tell students they are going to fail a test, that is not right. He let me take it, even though he was certain I would fail it. Anyway, I passed, so I can finally move on and don’t have to take that awful class anymore. I had to do some major rearranging of my schedule though. I’m taking a health class. I feel strange taking a health class, but I needed two hours and I have to have 40 hours of 3000-4000 level classes too, so this was best. This also means I dropped my 9am Sociology class. I now only have one class on Fridays and it is canceled this week, which means…

This weekend is a three day weekend!

Next weekend is a three day weekend for Labour Day!

The weekend after that is a four day weekend for Rosh Hashana!

Then we have a three day weekend next month!



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