Month: September 2007

The marquee outside of Family Video currently says “COME HERE TO GET KNOCKED UP”

They are building a Buffalo Wild Wings and a GameStop in Mattoon. I would rather have Hooters.

I lost my umbrella, but I didn’t know it was lost. So when I saw it sitting in one of my classrooms I didn’t do anything. Then when it was raining a few days ago I couldn’t find it. And of course it wasn’t in my classroom later. Dangit. So I bought a new one and it’s said it’s full size, but it’s not because my arms get wet. Fortunately my Mom found one at home that she is sending to me.

Our landlord is buying us a new refrigerator, because ours makes our milk go chunky and won’t freeze my ice pack. I hope it is a side by side fridge/freezer.

I was sick this weekend so I made chicken soup in my crock pot. Other than making a huge mess, it came out wonderfully. finally decided to post full episodes of The Office. This is good since I have a LOT more of baseball to watch this month and don’t have to worry about missing The Office. I was going to post this video a couple weeks ago, but I thought it would be in the season premiere and didn’t want to spoil anything. Turns out it wasn’t, so here is what the characters on The Office did over summer:

Come January, nobody can smoke withint 15 feet of doors or windows at Eastern. Thank God. Winter is not bad enough on its own, I have to walk through a gaggle of smokers crowded in front of the door. But soon…no more! Though this will be my last Illinois winter. Yay!! And, no, I will not miss it like people keep telling me I will.

I figured out something amazing about grad school, even though it’s still at least two years away. It doesn’t really matter where I go, what classes I take, it just matters that I wind up with a degree and that my practicums are done with the people I plan to be working with. I can’t even remember how I found National University, but I have a feeling this is where I will wind up. They only require a 2.5 GPA, then you don’t have to take the GRE. They don’t even want an essay or an interview, etc. AAAAND it’s in San Diego. But they also have campuses throughout California, so if, for some reason I don’t like living in SD afterall, I can move pretty much wherever I want and not have to transfer schools. So Santa Clara may have the program I want, but they also require a 3.0 GPA and I was not a big fan of the area. Plus it is “hella” expensive to live there. So it’s a little irrelevant now, since it is so far away, but it is nice to know I may not HAVE to move just to go to school. And maybe I should just only apply there and save the…jeez it would cost $300 just in application fees to apply to five other schools. Yeah maybe I should only apply to NU.

At The Cubs game today, the camera showed someone with a sign that said
We believe in God
We believe in Lou
We believe in The Cubs

…and it made me happy. (see Faith in The Cubs and Faith in God)

Cubs rookie hazing:

Note to self: don’t try to pull a cooked [Chicago style] pizza out of the oven with only one hand.


Dear Bud Black:

I’m not trying to tell you what you SHOULD do, I’m not trying to tell you what you SHOULDN’T do. All I’m saying is that Michael Barrett’s current batting average is .219 and Josh Bard’s current batting average is .279. Not to mention the, what, 9 out of 12 games lost with Barrett behind the plate. I just think it would behoove you to start Josh Bard in the final four games of the season. Doesn’t sweeping The Brewers sound great? You know it does. If you sweep The Brewers you may even be able to take the division instead of the wild card. Just something to think about…

So…fasting. I have a lot more to say about this than I did a few days ago. For one, it was really sad to see some people that had their status on Facebook saying they were hungry. If you’re going to complain about being hungry, then you shouldn’t fast at all. I think the complaining cancels it out. I also wonder if these people feel that if you fast on Yom Kippur, then you can do whatever the heck you want the rest of the year and it’s okay because you just went 24 hours without food. I guess it’s different when you’re a believer because we realise you need to be asking for forgiveness 365-366 days a year, and not just one day a year.

Anyway, I had plans to go to dinner with Jen last night to break my fast. Since I don’t go to services here I’m on my own. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone canceled our plans. I hate when people cancel plans with me so i would never cancel plans with someone else unless it was an emergency. Well, about a half hour before it was time to be able to start eating again, I started feeling like it wasn’t right for me to stop and I felt God wanted me to fast for 48 hours instead of 24. So after thinking about it for like 15 minutes, I couldn’t get away from it, so I canceled my dinner plans. Fortunately it was Jen, so she understood. This time I felt it was okay to drink juice and pop ice was okay too. FYI apple kiwi strawberry juice is digusting. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Anyway, I’m thinking I was supposed to do 48 hours, because I have done the 24 hour thing so many times that it’s just not a big deal to me and it’s not hard. And fasting is not supposed to be easy, or else there would be no point. Anyway, the 48 hours was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. it wasn’t until the very end that I was feeling like I was starting to get weak and needed food. It’s amazing to me that i haven’t been crankier than usual, with no food for 49 hours, plus I fell asleep around 4:30am and had to be up before 8:30 am to…

…buy playoff tickets. My Dad doesn’t understand anything about the internet so I had to be the one to do it. And I was especially upset, because he wasn’t even going to go, his plan was to just sell them (actually the tickets were $25 upwards to $85, so not bad at all). So the deal was starting at 8:30am you are put into a virtual waiting room. Then at 9:00am they randomly choose people to buy tickets. So at 9:36am a message comes up (they were only selling tickets for two games) saying game one is sold out and all that’s left for game 2 is single seats. So I called my Dad and went back to sleep…for two hours, then he called to tell me to watch The Leadoff Man, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I am super tired.

Anyway, my Dad just saw on the news that they only had 15,000 tickets for sale total for both games. Umm…Wrigley Field seats 41,500….???? What the crap? I don’t really care, because I wouldn’t be going anyway, but if they pull this again for The World Series I am gonna be mad.

Okay so Mishpocago is going camping in Kankakee for one night in a couple weeks and I was invited. I am not a camping person. So I can either stay home and not go camping and have no in person contact with Messianics for two more months, or I can go. I don’t know what to do.

Wikiversity. This is going to be amazing when they get it up and running. Man, I don’t spend enough time on the internet already, right?

I was watching Beauty and The Geek a few days ago and thinking how funny it would be if Dwight and Kelly from The Office were real and were partners on that show.

Part of my reflection on Yom Kippur was looking through older Xanga entries. Not just from the past year, but from a couple years ago. Also a few days ago I randomly decided to read the first month of Xanga entries on here. Anyway, I found some funny quotes:

AquaraChik (2:20 PM): you play the kazoo?!
Punx8686 (2:20 PM): haha yeah
AquaraChik (2:20 PM): marry me!
Punx8686 (2:20 PM): okay!

I don’t think I enunciate nearly as well as I used to. I ran into Roly last week.
Jami: Have you seen Wicked yet?
Roly: You have a kid?!

Jami: Our Ethics teacher told us that the female pig orgasm lasts up to 30 minutes and male pigs are promiscuous and Scott said “I wish I was a pig.”
Shellie: Scott’s already a pig.

Ari: Well I can handle you smacking me because when I went to The Mall of America it was hella chill. We went to that Camp Snoopy and it was hella cool.
Jami: What does that have to do with me smacking you?
Ari: Well the correlation between those two is zero, but because I said it, it is one.

Jami86e (10:25:04 PM): so what ideas did you want to discuss with me?
STXX99 (10:26:41 PM): i am really a sox fan
Jami86e (10:26:47 PM): yeah right
STXX99 (10:26:53 PM): no i mean it
STXX99 (10:26:58 PM): dont tell anyone
STXX99 (10:27:00 PM): please
Jami86e (10:27:05 PM): i don’t believe you
STXX99 (10:27:17 PM): i honestly am
STXX99 (10:27:20 PM): no joke
Jami86e (10:27:35 PM): then why is everything you own decked out in cubs stuff?
STXX99 (10:28:59 PM): i was ashamed

EDIT: Okay, turns out it was someone else on his screen name, but it’s still funny. Actually I think that makes it even funnier.

Two of my teachers have brought up Michael J. Fox in the last week. One of which was saying if you are not attracted ot ‘manly men’ you would be attracted to someone like Michael J. Fox. I laughed.

Josh and two of his friends are sleeping on the roof tonight. They have strategically placed themselves directly above my room. I asked Josh how he plans to get down and he said “Maybe Jesus will help us.” Oy.

I noticed Matt Murton is twice the size he was when he was brought back up from Iowa six weeks ago…and has his five home runs since then…with only a few starts..two of the homers were pinch hits…this is just a coincidence, right? Man I hope so.

County Market has GOOSE ISLAND ROOT BEER. My mind is completely blown! They were out of it, so I thought I would try the grape soda, since their root beer is amazing and all grape soda is amazing. Boy was I wrong. This stuff is gross. Never again. I’ve been drinking a lot of soda recently, which is strange, because I’ve never been big on drinking it. I’m also trying to start saying soda instead of pop, to see how it sounds. Maybe if I could lose the “I live 35 minutes from Wisconsin” accent.

I discovered the web site for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and they list a bunch of grad programs. Just for kicks I looked at them and actually found a school that might be of interest to me. And since I scratched CSU Bakersfield off of my list, I need another one. University of San Diego has a good program, apparently. They want a 3.0 GPA, so I doubt I would get in, but I should visit after I move. My Mom is going back to SD the weekend before my birthday, which is also a three day weekend for me, but she won’t take me with, because I will be of no use to her. Ironic, considering she’s going to make more connections so she’ll have an excuse to visit several times a year. Great.

I realised I pretty much always tell myself I am going to bed at a certain time and then it takes me 2-3 hours after that time I told myself to actually get in bed. Maybe I should start telling myself I’m going to bed at 10pm, so I will actually wind up in bed around 1am haha. At least on nights before I have to be up early.

The only thing worse than having an 8am class is going to the 8am class, to find out it was canceled. Especially when you were thisclose to not going in the first place.

…and smokers walking in front of you so the smoke blows into your face.

I was just on Web CT right before I left for class and it didn’t say class was canceled…

Jami’s unbiased predictions for the remainder of the 2007 MLB season and post season

Standings as of the end of the games played on 9/13/07, as per Yahoo Sports.

With only 2.5 weeks left in the season, methinks it’s time for some predictions.

(I don’t know why any of this would offend anyone, but I feel like I should apologise in advance, in case it does?)

American League
I don’t follow the American League, so all I am going on is the current standings.

There is not a whole lot of room to argue about which teams will be in the playoffs this year. The Red Sox are leading the East by 5.5 games, The Indians are leading the Central by 5.5 games, the ‘Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’ are leadin gthe West by 9 games, and the Yankees are leading the Wild Card by…like a lot. Depending on what happens over the next two weeks, it IS possible that the Tigers could take the Wild Card.

National League
Okay I am pretty up on the times on what is going on in the National League.

The Mets are leading the East by 6.5 games. The Central and the West divisions are a little more complicated than that. Okay, a LOT more complicated. Right now The Diamondbacks are leading the West by 3.5 games, but The D-backs and The Padres have been back and forth quite a bit this season (I will get to why later). Then there is The Central. The Brewers had sole possession of first place for 125(?) consecutive days. The Cubs managed to pull themselves up from 12.5 plus games back to sole possession of first place. Since then it has been a bit of back and forth and ties between The Brewers and The Cubs, with The Cardinals creeping up as close as two games out of first, not even a week ago.

Right now The Cardinals are five games out of first place, with no days off this month, including a double header this Saturday. They also just lost two of their star players to the DL, one with a fractured eye socket. They have four games with The Cubs this weekend, including a double header. If The Cardinals want to stay in the pennant race, they will have to take 3 out of 4 of those games…

The Padres are leading the wild card by pretty much the same percentage as the Yankees are. They were saying on Comcast SportsNet that The Phillies, The Dodgers, and The Rockies are all still in The Wild Card race.

So basically the NL playoffs are pretty much up in the air right now.

There’s more to it than current standings

There is a lot more to take into consideration than current standings.

As far as the NL West goes, I think I know why The Padres and the D-backs keep going back and forth. in June Michael Barrett was traded from The Cubs to The Padres, while they were in first place. Not long after acquiring him, they dropped into second place. I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that The Padres win like three out of every 12 games Michael Barrett catches for, so it’s probably no coincidence that when he went on the DL a few weeks ago, The Padres magically pulled themselves up into first place, and consequently slipped back into second when they activated him. It’s also probably not a coincidence that after he was traded, The Cubs magically started winning games.

There are also the infamous cuses, such as The San Diego Sports Curse. This curse has no origin, so it is probably just a coincidence.

Then there is my favorite curse: The Ex-Cubs Factor, which is most likely a corellation of The Billy Goat Curse, where the owner of The Billy Goat Tavern was s durious The Cubs would not allow him to bring his pet goat into Wrigley Field, he put a curse on The Cubs that they would never win a world series again. That was in 1945 and The Cubs have yet to even SEE a World Series since then.

Anyway, The Ex-Cubs Factor theory was developed in 1981. The theory is that any team with three or more former Cubs cannot win The World Series. If both teams in the World Series have three or more former Cubs, the team with the most amount of former Cubs will lose.

Here are the 2007 Ex-Cub Factor standings for potential playoff contenders, based on the current active rosters:
In the AL…
Red Sox- Julian Tavarez
*Yankees- Kyle Farnsworth, Jose Molina
Indians- Joe Borowski, Kenny Lofton
Angels- Justin Speier, Gary Matthews Jr
*Tigers- Clay Rapada (I think Clay Rapada only played one game with The Cubs, but still counts)

*Possible Wild Card

According to this, The Red Sox are on their way to The World Series, unless The Tigers take the Wild Card

In the NL…
Mets- Mike DiFelice, Moises Alou
Brewers- Ray King, Damian Miller
Cardinals- Todd Wellemeyer, Miguel Cairo
Cubs- are exempt from this?, but if you want to get technical, Steve Trachsel left The Cubs for a while, then came back
*Padres- Greg Maddux, Michael Barrett
Diamondbacks- Juan Cruz, Augie Ojeda
*Phillies- Jamie Moyer, Antonio Alfonseca, Tom Gordon
*Dodgers- Nomar Garciaparra, Ramon Martinez, Luis Gonzalez, Juan Pierre
*Rockies- LaTroy Hawkins, Dan Serafini

According to this, The Wild Card is between The Padres and The Rockies, however, the Rockies are currently in 4th place for The Wild Card. Also, if The D-backs wind up slipping into second, they will probably take The Wild Card. And there’s really no way to guess from this who from the NL will wind up in the World Series.

Something else to take into consideration with the NL central is the schedule for the rest of the month. If The Cardinals are not done falling apart and this weekend’s series doesn’t do them in, they still have three games with The Phillies, three with The Brewers, and one with The Mets. The Cubs still have two days off this month, and no games left with teams above .500. The Brewers have no more days off this month and four games with The Braves, who are above .500. If The Brewers are still in the pennant race by the end of the month, their last four games of the season are against The Padres, who will most likely put them out of their misery.

My prediction is The Cubs will not only wind up in The World Series, but they will win it. And I tell you why it will be The Cubs. Yeah we have curses, curse, and more curses, blah blah blah. The Red Sox broke their curse after 86 years and won The World Series in 2004. In 2005, one of The Cubs two biggest rivals (The White Sox) won The World Series. In 2006, The Cubs other biggest rival (The Cardinals) won The World Series. Based on who won the last three years, I would say it is definitely The Cubs’ year to win.

Also, the only team to break the Ex-Cubs Factor curse since it was first realised, was the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks, managed by none other than The Cubs very own current colour commmentator, Bob Brenly!

In the year 2000 off season

The Cubs will be auctioned off on eBay. They will be bought by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who will trade all of the American players for players from other countries.