So I was half asleep when I figured this out, but can someone name an Adam Sandler movie where the Mother figure is present? Billy Madison- no Mother. Big Daddy- the Mother abandoned the kid. 50 First Dates- Drew Barrywhore’s Mother is dead. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry- Larry’s wife died. Reign Over Me- the wife and kids died. I can’t remember Happy Gilmore, but I wanna say he was raised by his Grandparents? Too bad I didn’t figure this out while I was taking that film class. Kind of reminds me of Disney movies where there is always at least one parent missing.

I wish Mike Fontenot weren’t so sad. I also wish I had remembered my picture on Facebook is now a picture of him, so that I didn’t trip myself out when I looked at the profile of someone I had left a comment for and saw that picture next to my name.

I’m surprised my car hasn’t been attacked yet, what with my Cubs decal and now I have a Barack Obama bumper sticker. Now all I need is a fish with a Star of David in it, but I don’t know where to find those lol.

I’m going home tomorrow. Since I’m just going straight to Devar, I think I’m going to try Pita Inn for dinner, depending on what time I get there.

I passed 1,000 comments on my Facebook wall and didn’t even realise it until like five comments later. Somehow I received 15 comments on that day.

According to the education section on my Facebook profile, I went to Awesome College. I guess that’s a real school? 🙂


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