I finally discovered County market. I am never shopping at Wal Mart again. Thank God.

Ryan Dempster is a very lucky man. Tonight anyway.

My Dad may be taking us to Arizona over spring break to see a spring training game!

I had another random revelation about Adam Sandler movies. Billy Madison’s Dad owns a hotel chain called Madison Hotels…Madison rhymes with Radisson. I’m quick.

Tonight Kirk said Yeshua is calling us to live as Jews, even in Goyland, USA. Miri and I are going to write a musical called “Babes in Goyland.”

On TV and in movies if someone wants to pick up a date in a bar or restaurant they have the server bring the person a drink and tell them who it’s from. I want to have a server bring someone a glass of water and tell them it’s from me…and put it on my tab.


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