Two of my teachers have brought up Michael J. Fox in the last week. One of which was saying if you are not attracted ot ‘manly men’ you would be attracted to someone like Michael J. Fox. I laughed.

Josh and two of his friends are sleeping on the roof tonight. They have strategically placed themselves directly above my room. I asked Josh how he plans to get down and he said “Maybe Jesus will help us.” Oy.

I noticed Matt Murton is twice the size he was when he was brought back up from Iowa six weeks ago…and has his five home runs since then…with only a few starts..two of the homers were pinch hits…this is just a coincidence, right? Man I hope so.

County Market has GOOSE ISLAND ROOT BEER. My mind is completely blown! They were out of it, so I thought I would try the grape soda, since their root beer is amazing and all grape soda is amazing. Boy was I wrong. This stuff is gross. Never again. I’ve been drinking a lot of soda recently, which is strange, because I’ve never been big on drinking it. I’m also trying to start saying soda instead of pop, to see how it sounds. Maybe if I could lose the “I live 35 minutes from Wisconsin” accent.

I discovered the web site for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and they list a bunch of grad programs. Just for kicks I looked at them and actually found a school that might be of interest to me. And since I scratched CSU Bakersfield off of my list, I need another one. University of San Diego has a good program, apparently. They want a 3.0 GPA, so I doubt I would get in, but I should visit after I move. My Mom is going back to SD the weekend before my birthday, which is also a three day weekend for me, but she won’t take me with, because I will be of no use to her. Ironic, considering she’s going to make more connections so she’ll have an excuse to visit several times a year. Great.

I realised I pretty much always tell myself I am going to bed at a certain time and then it takes me 2-3 hours after that time I told myself to actually get in bed. Maybe I should start telling myself I’m going to bed at 10pm, so I will actually wind up in bed around 1am haha. At least on nights before I have to be up early.

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