The marquee outside of Family Video currently says “COME HERE TO GET KNOCKED UP”

They are building a Buffalo Wild Wings and a GameStop in Mattoon. I would rather have Hooters.

I lost my umbrella, but I didn’t know it was lost. So when I saw it sitting in one of my classrooms I didn’t do anything. Then when it was raining a few days ago I couldn’t find it. And of course it wasn’t in my classroom later. Dangit. So I bought a new one and it’s said it’s full size, but it’s not because my arms get wet. Fortunately my Mom found one at home that she is sending to me.

Our landlord is buying us a new refrigerator, because ours makes our milk go chunky and won’t freeze my ice pack. I hope it is a side by side fridge/freezer.

I was sick this weekend so I made chicken soup in my crock pot. Other than making a huge mess, it came out wonderfully. finally decided to post full episodes of The Office. This is good since I have a LOT more of baseball to watch this month and don’t have to worry about missing The Office. I was going to post this video a couple weeks ago, but I thought it would be in the season premiere and didn’t want to spoil anything. Turns out it wasn’t, so here is what the characters on The Office did over summer:

Come January, nobody can smoke withint 15 feet of doors or windows at Eastern. Thank God. Winter is not bad enough on its own, I have to walk through a gaggle of smokers crowded in front of the door. But soon…no more! Though this will be my last Illinois winter. Yay!! And, no, I will not miss it like people keep telling me I will.

I figured out something amazing about grad school, even though it’s still at least two years away. It doesn’t really matter where I go, what classes I take, it just matters that I wind up with a degree and that my practicums are done with the people I plan to be working with. I can’t even remember how I found National University, but I have a feeling this is where I will wind up. They only require a 2.5 GPA, then you don’t have to take the GRE. They don’t even want an essay or an interview, etc. AAAAND it’s in San Diego. But they also have campuses throughout California, so if, for some reason I don’t like living in SD afterall, I can move pretty much wherever I want and not have to transfer schools. So Santa Clara may have the program I want, but they also require a 3.0 GPA and I was not a big fan of the area. Plus it is “hella” expensive to live there. So it’s a little irrelevant now, since it is so far away, but it is nice to know I may not HAVE to move just to go to school. And maybe I should just only apply there and save the…jeez it would cost $300 just in application fees to apply to five other schools. Yeah maybe I should only apply to NU.

At The Cubs game today, the camera showed someone with a sign that said
We believe in God
We believe in Lou
We believe in The Cubs

…and it made me happy. (see Faith in The Cubs and Faith in God)

Cubs rookie hazing:

Note to self: don’t try to pull a cooked [Chicago style] pizza out of the oven with only one hand.

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