EDIT: Jones Soda cream soda is the worst cream soda I’ve ever had in my life. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

It’s 77º outside right now. Everyday this week has a high in the 70s, except Thursday, when there is a high of 80. I still don’t get it. It should be like this every day of the year. Well maybe not 80, but in the mid 70s.

I have a new quiz on Facebook. You should take it.

The other day I ate a Honeycrisp apple. It cost $3 and weighed 1lb. half way through it I wondered what I got myself into. After I finished I felt like I was going to die.

A few weeks ago I bought the most amazing pizza cutter ever (from Wal Mart). It’s not a wheel. Rock N Roll Pizza Cutter. It’s so much better than a wheel. Cuts way better, and straighter, and the pizza doesn’t stick to it. It’s crazy.

I was bored and Googled “Esperanto phrases.” I found this web site called “Useful phrases in Esperanto.” Useful phrases is right! That’s right, folks! It includes all the classics, such as:
•”I’m too young” Mi estas tro juna
•”What are we up to?” Kion ni faras?
•”Let’s discuss it” Ni diskutu
•”Let’s get married!” Ne geedzigu
•”Tell her Claude called” Diru al si ke Klaudo telefonis
•”Who told you so?” Kiu diris tion?
•”I want to make love to you” Mi volas kunigi kun vi
•”I was robbed” Oni rabatencis min
•”You are pathetic!” Vi estas kompatinda
•”Where’s my money?” Kie estas mia mono?
•”I’ve never said that” Mi neniam diris tion
•”We got engaged last Sunday” Ni geedzigis lastdimance
•”Don’t panic!” Ne paniku!
•”I need to pee” Mi devas pisi
•”I’m warning you!” Mi avertas vin

And of course…
•”Penis” Peniso

Thanks to this web site, I am well on my way to becoming fluent! Lol.


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