The Family Guy Star Wars Special. If you like Star Wars I recommend this. But they only cover Episode IV. Which reminds me, the Star Wars exhibit at The Museum of Science and Industry is open.

Legally Blonde: The Musical…on MTV??? Could this be MTV trying to expose mindless 14 year olds to culture? Probably not, or else they would have shown another musical, and not followed it with Pageant Place. Also, they let the correspondants not only walk into the theatre after the lights went down, but they brought their dog in with them. INTO A BROADWAY THEATRE. Come on, now. I’ve never seen the movie, but I watched it because, hey, free Broadway musical. It is nice to see Laura Bell Bundy in a leading role, though I doubt this show will last more than a year, year and a half tops. I don’t understand why Christian Borle left Spamalot for this show. yeah, it’s a much bigger role, but it doesn’t show off his talent. I can’t imagine anyone paying money to see this.

I realised I can’t get a good salad around here. My Mom never bought anything sugary, so now, being on my own and free to buy whatever food I want, have been pretty much eating sugar, sugar, and more sugar in the past two months. I have had more soda in the past two months and than in the past two years. I’ve been dizzy off and on the past couple weeks (and I’ve gained at least 5lbs, but no scale). I realised I need some more vegetables in my life, but alas, no such luck. What I wouldn’t give for a gourmet garden salad from Portillos! Speaking of Portillos, the web site says two new locations opening in California in 2008, but doesn’t say where. I’m guessing both will be in LA, but I really think it should be one in LA (even though they already have one) and one in San Diego. Please, Dick Portillo, pleeeeeease.

Man, The Rockies are pwning.

I think it would be funny if this really happened to people. Unless it happened to me:


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