EDIT: ….I thought my Dad was joking when he told me Clay Aiken is joining the cast of Spamalot, but apparently it’s true

“New York: where the leaves, The Mets, and The Yankees fall every October.” -Conan

It was 80º the other day. Right now it is 76º. Tomorrow has a high of 82º.

I realised my Dad and I don’t talk nearly as much when The Cubs aren’t playing. I don’t know if it’s actually because of that, or if it has to do with the conversation I had with my Mom earlier this week. Maybe she mentioned it to him. She IMed (yes, IMed) me and said my Dad and I talk all the time but she and I don’t talk often. I don’t know why all of a sudden she wants to talk a lot (though I haven’t heard from her since this conversation). I don’t understand her. I spend the whole summer at home, she doesn’t talk to me any more than normal, then the day before I go back to school she all of a sudden wants to have dinner with me when she knows I already have plans with my Dad. And I think she hopes I would drop my plans and have dinner with her. She’s also upset that I’m moving, which I also don’t understand. And she’s going to San Diego (WITHOUT ME…on a weekend that is three days long for me) to ‘make work connections’ so that she can ‘visit several times a year’ when I live there. So strange to me.

I had a 100 question mid term in my Tuesday night class this week. We get to class and she tells us we are first going to watch and hour long movie (note: the only thing the movie had to do with the test is that it was worth five bonus points if you could list five things you learned from it). AN HOUR LONG MOVIE BEFORE A TEST? The reason was ‘to put our minds at rest.’ No, it does not work like that. After all 40+ people in my class complained and asked if we could at least take the test first, she got really mad and said “there are people who are a lot worse off than you are right now.” She’s serious?? And she turned the lights off so nobody could even study during the movie. I have enough trouble concentrating on tests, this just made it worse. Fortunately, I realised a few years ago that if I take a test backwards I can concentrate better. How that works I am not sure, but it’s a good thing or else it would take me the entire time to finish the test.

Sometimes I feel like…I won’t be able to graduate until next December. Apparently it is about time to make schedules for next semester. I can start registering on Monday (Oct 22). But you can’t register until you talk to your adviser and they ‘unflag’ your account. Nobody told me it was time to make an appointment. First of all, I have a new adviser this semester, since I changed my major, but I can’t officially declare a psych major, because I don’t have enough math??? So I’m stuck with the general advisers (who have everyone that doesn’t have a major) until I finish the math class I am in. So I call last week to make an appointment to see my adviser and am told I can’t make an appointment over the phone, I have to do it in person. This is ridiculous, I don’t see what the difference is. Well I was not able to get over there for a few more days. By the time I get there I can’t get in to see my adviser until October 30 and I am supposed to register on October 22. In those 8 days all the classes I need might be filled up. I told the secretary I need to see him before October 22 because I am graduating this year. She told me I should have made an appointment last month. I told her I didn’t know that, because nobody sent me anything. She told me they don’t send anything out ‘I just should have known.’ I wish I had just stuck out Behavior Methods. Dr. Dietz is like the best adviser ever. This never would have happened with her grrr. So I send an e-mail to my adviser explaining the situation and BEGGING him to unflag my account and then I will still come in and see him on October 30. I get an automated response telling me he is out of the office until october 23. Great. I already have to take a full semester of courses this summer, because I screwed up so much. If, God forbid, I can’t finish this summer, I am just going to take online classes in the Fall. I am moving to San Diego in August. End of story.

With two new Mexican restaurants opening in town this week my search for a decent taco began:

El Pueblo
The first thing I tried were obviously the tacos. For my standards, they were a little bit above decent. For Charleston’s standards, they were amazing. The problem was they only use one shell, so they fall apart. They also load on the sour cream, way above the ingredients. It was the messiest thing I have ever eaten. They are open until 3am on Friday and Saturday and 1:30am on the other days. The tacos were good enough that if I need a taco at 1am, I will definitely be going there. The next day I tried a burrito. If I wanted to compare it to El Rancherito, I needed to get that, since the tacos at El Ranch are despicable, I get a burrito there. It was strange that the menu looks like it was photocopied from El Ranch and the burrito looked and tasted exactly the same. I also saw some guy that was working there that used to work at El Ranch. I wondered if El Ranch knew they were being ripped off.

Then the next day I read in the school paper (which I almost never pick up) that El Pueblo is actually El Ranch part two. Since it is always so busy there, the owners decided to open up a second restaurant in town. I felt so stupid, but at least I know now that it wasn’t just in my head.

Los Potrillos
I tried the tacos, of course. They wouldn’t put sour cream on the tacos. They charged 40 cents for it. I was expecting a small ramekin full of sour cream, instead I got a container full of it, that would have cost at least $2 from the store. Definitely worth the 40 cents. Anyway, these are quite possibly the best tacos I have ever had in my entire life. I got them again last night, but they accidentally gave me flour tortillas. Since I got carry out, I didn’t catch it til I got home. We had soft corn tortillas in the fridge, but they are just mediocre. Even so, the tacos are amazing. I also tried the horchata. Also the best horchata I have ever had in my life. I need to try their fried ice cream. They also have a dessert called “Xanga.”


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