I’m going home this weekend. My Dad thought it was funny my reason is because I want a hot dog, and also because I have to do laundry and don’t want to do it here.

I’m apparently working on Saturday night (picked up a shift). I’m scared aaah! Pray for me lol. Probably not a good idea to be thrown back into this, on a Saturday night, after more than two months of being away. but I have like $8 in cash to last me until Thanksgiving (and Poochie’s only takes cash, so there goes half of it on Saturday), so yeah I definitely need this. Even $50 would be good, but I’m dreaming of that one Saturday night I made like $93. Yeah, that definitely sounds good to me, especially since I didn’t get my financial aid this semester (it’s being held hostage until I raise my GPA).

P.S. Am I the only one that doesn’t want The Red Sox to win?

P.P.S. Joe Buck just used the word “Jub Jub” (see video below)


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