Since a couple people commented about it, Second Life doesn’t give you the option to have curly hair, so I did the best I could.

Kenny told me Charleston had trick or treating on Tuesday night instead of last night, since there are so many churches here that have Wednesday night bible studies lol.
Kenny: Christians -1, Halloween -0
Jami: I think it’s strange when churches have Halloween parties, since it’s a pagan holiday.
Kenny: We’ll just take it over. We’re pretty good at taking over pagan holidays.

Speaking of Halloween, I don’t celebrate anymore, but I do enjoy a good creative costume (fyi when I DID celebrate, all of my costumes were homemade and creative, thank you very much), like when Sara! was Matthew Lesko (the guy on the infomercials with question marks on his suit trying to help you make more money) or Erinn Kraus was Cecilia from The Virgin Suicides. Anyway, Kelly definitely wins for creativity…she was Facebook!! (see picture below)

Honorable mentions…
Scott Sakoda as Rufio from Hook:

Jessie Moskowitz as Amy Winehouse:

Also, I have to post this clip from The Drew Carey show, because of Oswald’s costume lol

Jen and I went to Los Potrillos for dinner. Apparently when you eat there (as opposed to carry out) they don’t charge you for sour cream and they give you twice as much horchata. This time I got a combo (taco, burrito, enchilada…and the taco is in my fridge lol). Mmmm. I also tried the fried ice cream. So delicious.

Speaking of Jen, I have two dates for Anne and Ted’s wedding (Jen and Meghan McHaney). They haven’t decided yet if they are going to share me or duke it out hehe.

I also bought a juicer so I can make fresh squeezed lemonade (or if I feel like grapefruit juice, orange juice, etc).

Last night I went to see Nick Vujicic (his web site and his MySpace) speak at the union. He was born without arms or legs. Since he’s a devout Christian, they started off with prayer and a worship band form a local church playing some praise songs. I was wondering if people would walk out, but it didn’t look like it. And by the time he was done speaking, at least 25 people had beocme believers because of it, which is pretty awesome. He’s one of those people that when you listen to them you wonder why they’re not married (and not because of the Australian accent lol). Anyway, this guy is amazing and if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, or buy his DVD, I definitely recommend it. Here is a clip from last night.


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