Red Cross videos are ridiculous. I want to own them and show them at parties.

The other day I was eating the mini Reese’s peanut butter cups. One of them was very chewy. I took it out of my mouth and it turns out I forgot to take off the second wrapper!! They have to make it brown though, right? If they made it blue I would have realised it was still on there. I felt a little better when Kate told me she once did the same thing with a fruit roll up. I think everyone who makes anything edible should not make the wrappers a) the same colour as the food or b) clear. yeah at Red Robin if you get a cut you have to wear a blue bandaid, because there is no blue food, so if it falls off into food they can see it (and yes they throw the food out). Although now there is a blueberry vanilla milkshake, so…I guess we have blue food now.

Last night they had the 100th episode of Family Guy. Before they aired it, they showed clips from over the years, interspersed with Seth MacFarlane interviewing people he had just shown Family Guy to for the first time, and none of them had anything good to say. One girl was talking about how immoral it is. Seth MacFarlane asked her which shows she watches. The first show she named was South Park.

I discovered which lists all the web sites that had illegal streaming videos of movies and tv shows. I watched License to Wed. I’m feeling generous so I will give this movie two stars. I think the biggest problem was that Jim John Krasinski and Hilary Faye Mandy Moore don’t really have any chemistry. Also, it takes place in Chicago and they registered for their wedding at Macy’s??? I don’t think so. I also realised that everytime a movie or tv show takes place in Chicago they are always Cubs fans. I think that’s funny.

I spent my extra hour (daylight savings time) watching clips from Punky Brewster.

I also wanted to watch Small Wonder, but they do not have it. But I looked up the main actress to see what she was up to. Turns out she’s a counselor for young adults in San Diego and has only a bachelor’s degree. This means it is possible to get the kind of job I want…WHERE I want, without having to go to smelly grad school!!! I still hate school, but I feel a lot less stressed out and not so much pressure on me. I just don’t see being able to get my GPA up enough to get in anywhere. So yeah. I mean I guess I should still keep it in the back of my mind, and maybe a few years down the line, yeah I dunno. I hate school lol.

So I got bored with Second Life pretty quickly. The highlight was making the avatar, which I don’t think looks much like me anyway. It takes a long time to load and turne dout once that I had actually walked into a hot tub, but since everything hadn’t loaded yet, I didn’t know. Also, some girl built a house around me and I couldn’t get out. And Toby is the only one who added me back. Yeah.

I don’t understand how gas goes up over 50 cents in three weeks.

I have SuperPoke on Facebook, but I only added it because it kept telling me people were doing stuff to me on it and I wanted to see what they were doing. Somehow word got out that I have it and people keep doing stuff. One of my coworkers threw some livestock at me. I pwned her. Once you get pwned there’s not much you can do. I also hugged Jennie Parks, because she said she needed a hug. Other than that I refuse to use it. I am old school. I like regular poking. I think people should regular poke me and not SuperPoke me. SuperPoke is stupid. Plus I pray for people when I poke them.

The CD player in my car is doing this weird thing where it keeps playing the same song over and over again until you change it manually. It’s especially great when you’re on a 3.5 hour drive. I don’t know how to fix it. The good news is I figured out how to change the time on the clock.

I like politicians who appear on SNL, especially while they are in office or running for office. Barack Obama was on this week:

Also, does anybody want to design a shirt for EIU Psych Club? We know what we want on it, but I don’t think there are any artists in the club lol.


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