So we went on a field trip to a funeral home tonight. Fortunately we didn’t have to see any cadavers, but he did pass around someone’s ashes, which I think if he thinks showing us dead bodies is disrespectful, I think passing around someone’s ashes is too. It’s also creepy, and I wouldn’t even touch the box.

We have a 45 point assignment to basically plan out our funeral (there are specific questions). I was looking at it and it’s kind of upsetting. It’s very not Jew friendly, so I have more work to do (ex: do you want your service in a church? do you want your minister to speak? how do you want your hair/makeup/clothes during the visitation? and design both front and back of your tombstone. Stupid.

Speaking of death, my purse…oy. The strap came off, so I definitely need to get a new one. I guess I should just wait til Thanksgiving break so I can look at Target/Kohls. *sigh* I’ve looked and…blah. I’m so picky. Hopefully I will be able to find one. I think purses are annoying, but there are things I realised I need to have with me. And I refuse to break down and buy a wallet lol. So yeah.

Also, NBC…what the hay? They took down…everything from YouTube. Yeah.


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